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Investment exec predicts GameStop will top $1,000 per share – Fox Business

As Robinhood continues to limit purchases of GameStop stock, Reddit users are egging on their compatriots to keep the momentum going, leading Quantumvest CEO Taylor Roncancio to predict on “The Claman Countdown” the stock isn’t finished hitting records.

Tesla’s stock price currently sits at more than $839 per share.

As with Tesla, investors are having a hard time looking past the fundamental irregularities and uncertainty of GameStop.

Roncancio said he’s also “very confident” in Chewy co-founder Ryan Cohen’s involvement in urging the success of the stock after he experienced a 1,700% return from a $76 million GameStop investment, according to Business Insider.

“I like what I’m seeing from GameStop and I like what I’m seeing from Ryan,” Roncancio concluded.

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