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Integrity Aviation and Leasing, a specialty aviation leasing company, announced today that it will be converting the debt of its Private Client Group into equity. The conversion will be dollar for dollar where as Investors in the Private Client Group will recieve shares of Turbine Aviation INC.  (ticker symbol TURA).

The company (TURA) has announced the first of what plans to be four 25 million dollar Equity raises in the next 2 years to capitalize on several differnt market opportunites. The company has completed its compliance and regulatory requirement and is now awaiting confirmation from their transfer agent so they can begin to convert and sell shares. The conversion is critical as it takes 12% debt off the balance sheet and really allows for the company to become much more competitive. 

The company has begun several strategic partnerships to futher diversify its model. The company recently started a cannabis services and logistics company in San Antonio, that is already beginning to reap benefits from the ever changing cannabis marketplace. Cowboy Cultivators started last December as a Top Down approach to the cannabis market providing growers all the logistical help and support necessary in order to better monetize their cannabis/hemp business. Since this market has been very dynamic and we believe to have a tested and now proven model Cowboy Cultivators will join the TURA family.

We expect to be releasing several other strategic partnerships that are already in negeoitatioins in both the leasing business and the cannabis service business respectefully..



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Victor Farias