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The premier editing app announces content creation map feature to transform the future of social media

Salt Lake City, UT — September 24, 2019 — Instasize, a visual toolkit for social media content creators that revolutionized the Insta-game for millions, today announced a new discovery tool feature called Spots. Manually curated by the team and in collaboration with local creators, Spots empowers and inspires creators of all kinds to produce content in unique locations around the globe.

In collaboration with creatives in each of the target cities, the unveiling of this feature brings an elevated experience to the user that is new to the market. Spots helps discover untapped locations in which users get to experience what the selected sites have to offer, all while creating enticing content. Having looked at over 50 of the most visited cities amongst the Millennial and Gen Z demographics, Instasize curated a list of fifteen cities to be featured in version one of Spots – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Austin, San Francisco, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, Phoenix.

“Instasize is making strides to continue to foster our relationship with creators,” said Hector Lopez, CEO and Co-Founder of Instasize. “We want to better understand their workflows in order to help provide solutions for their needs. The Spots feature helps solve the major content creation pain point most creators have – finding new and hidden places around the world where they can create fresh and exciting content.”

The Spots feature will be accessible through the GLOBE icon on the bottom of the Instasize app. Once a city is selected, the actual map will open, allowing users to click on various pinned locations. Users can also discover new cities and photo pins by navigating around the map at their leisure. Each photo pin will bring up the curated location, directions on how to get there, general insight and previous photos that were taken at the location. Spots will also allow users to “check-in” to locations once they’ve visited or are in proximity. In order to help gamify the experience, this feature will encourage creators to venture around the city they’re in to collect locations. 

Instasize will offer both premium and non-premium access options. Premium users will have FULL access to ALL locations on the map. Non-premium users will have limited access to “hidden” or “secret” locations within their area. The company also plans to rapidly expand the locations database into Europe and Asia.

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