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Hurela Best Back To School Sales 2022

The annual back-to-school season is about to begin, do you want to refresh yourself in the new semester? Do you want to have the latest beauty wig, then you can come to hurela mall to buy it, we have prepared for this for a year, just so that every girl can buy affordable human hair wigs, and also What are you waiting for, let me show you the hottest wigs.

Back TO SCHOOL SEASON 2022-Hurela

1.All product 50% OFF

2.$10 off for orders over $99, code : BTS10

3.$18 off for orders over $179, code : BTS18

4.$25 off for orders over $259, code : BTS25

5.Extra 10% off some products, code : Summer10

6.9.9$ Lightning Deal (Multi-attribute) + Free Custom Bracelet Box + $10 Off Registration

If you are new to the world of wigs, you may get overwhelmed with the numerous types of wigs available in the market you can choose from. There are various types of wigs available in different styles, lengths, densities, and colors. There are also expensive wigs and affordable human hair wigs.

When it comes to wigs, lace wigs are the most popular type. That’s because they give wearers a more natural look and are pretty easy to wear. The most popular lace wigs are lace part wigs and lace front wigs.

If you are a newbie and looking for a wig to wear, you need to opt for lace wigs because of the aforementioned reasons. But between a lace part wig and lace front wig, which one is better for a beginner? Let’s find out.

What is a lace part wig?

A lace part wig is typically produced by a sheer piece of a hand-knitted lace and a half or machine-made wig cap, binding the two by sewing, then ripping the 100% virgin Remy hair into the lace hole by hands. The virgin hair in the wig cap is then sewed onto the cap. The whole process consists of how the lace part human hair wig is manufactured.

Lace part wigs come in various styles, including straight lace part wig, body wave lace part wig, curly lace part wig, deep wave lace part wig, etc. Since the parts are made with lace, lace part wigs give a more natural look, making them worth your money. Lace part wigs are readily available, and you can purchase them online or from any beauty shop of your choice. These wigs are also available in different densities, including 130%, 150%, and 180%. So you can easily pick a density that suits your taste and preference.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs are the most popular type of lace wigs. Many ladies prefer them because they not only look fabulous but they give wearers a more natural look as well. A lace front wig is basically a wig with lace placed at the hairline position of the head. The lace’s size is usually 13×4 inch or 13×6 inch. This means that the lace is 4 or 6 inches respectively to the back and 13 inches across, covering the hairline ear to ear

These types of wigs are very flexible, making it easy for wearers to try different hairstyles. For instance, they can try ponytails, center parts, or side parts, it all depends on one’s preference. Lace front wigs are ideal for women who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss caused by different factors, such as alopecia, medication, chemotherapy, genes, etc. That’s because the hairs strands along the hairline can conceal hair thinning or hair loss, making it hard for people to notice that you are actually experiencing hair loss. Some of the top front lace wigs include curly lace front wigs, straight lace from wigs, body wave lace front wigs, etc.

Differences between lace part wigs and lace front wigs

Now that we have explored the similarities between these two wigs, let’s see their differences.

1. Lace

One of the most notable differences between the lace part wig and lace front wig is the lace. Lace part wigs have a little part of lace that only covers the hairline across the forehead. On the other hand, with lace front wigs, the lace is more and can completely cover the entire hairline as well as part of the hair.

2. Installation

Another major difference between the lace part wig and lace from wig is how they are installed. The lace part wig only has a little lace in the middle, making it pretty much easy to install. You simply put it on your head and use the adjustable straps and combs to secure the wig. You can then cut the extra lace. You don’t have to use glue. The lace on lace front wigs is more, so you have a lot of work to trim it. This can take time, and it requires skills and experience to do it perfectly; otherwise, you could end up cutting your wig’s hairline strands.

3. Ability to withstand tearing

Lace front wigs can withstand tearing more than lace part wigs. That’s because of the lace area. Of course, this is a feature that you must pay attention to when purchasing cheap human hair wigs.

4. Hairstyle versatility

A lace front wig offers a wide range of styles compared to lace part wigs. For example, a lace front wig can be tied into a high ponytail. On the other hand, you can style your lace part wig in a side part or a middle part.

5. Cost

These two wigs also vary in cost. Lace front wigs tend to cost more compared to lace part wigs. That’s because of the extra lace in lace front wigs.

Which one is ideal for beginners, lace part wigs or lace front wigs?

Well, both of these wigs are ideal for beginners. That’s because they are easy to wear and give a more natural look. When you are new to wigs, you need to wear a wig that offers a more natural look so that you can feel more comfortable and confident in it.

If you are a beginner, your choice of wig between the lace part wig and lace front wig will depend on your taste and preference as well as budget. Whichever wig you choose between the two, you can be sure it will enhance your appearance. Hurela will give you the most satisfactory service.

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