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HPC and iCN Form Ground-Breaking Legal Media Partnership

Sep 28, 2020 9:00 AM ET

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 28, 2020

September 28, 2020

The HPC-iCN legal media partnership combines HPC’s top feature titles with iCN’s network reach – delivering an un-rivalled audience for HPC contributors.

London, New York & Miami — September 28, 2020 — High Performance Counsel (HPC) and iCrowdNewswire (iCN) today announced a ground-breaking legal media partnership designed to deliver the very best in modern legal industry content to an un-rivalled audience, including populating all the major search engines. The move further reinforces and enhances HPC’s position as the go-to media resource for top leadership in the modern legal industry.

Conceived and launched by lawyer and founder David Kinnear in 2007, HPC has charted the course of the modern legal industry – delivering a birds-eye view of vast change underway via top leadership interviews, articles, white papers and commentary. Rejecting the notion of a print publication, it embraced an all-digital posture from the outset and has earned a reputation for the candor and timeliness of its voice on social media with the tag @hipcounsel / #hipcounsel.

For its part, iCN has similarly been on a journey of fully embracing digital in the news industry – seeing fresh opportunity for leveraging information otherwise lost in legacy formats. One of the things that attracted HPC to iCN was its vision for the fluidity of information that others only saw in very rigid terms. This is very evident in how they have embraced the search engine ecosystem and fully integrated this into their offering.

David Kinnear, Founder & CEO of HPC said: “The digital DNA shared by our respective organizations has driven our working relationship to date, and now, our further services integration for the benefit of clients. This collaboration delivers exponential audience awareness and growth for our leading legal industry feature media. It’s a win/win for HPC and iCN – and it’s a big win for HPC’s clients and readership.”

Ed Vidal, General Counsel of iCN said: “With the economy booming in a V-shaped recovery from the COVID-19 Virus shutdown, we look forward to participating in all the new opportunities presented for the legal profession. Live Free or Die!”


HPC is the leading business media resource covering the modern legal industry and the people, technology and economic forces driving its future. Described as the “voice of the modern legal industry” HPC provides world-class media coverage via one-one feature interviews with leading legal professionals and the publication of key insights via articles, white papers and industry commentary.

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Further information/press inquiries:

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London: +44 (07547) 128191

HPC website: https://www.highperformancecounsel.com


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