How to stay safe when using power tools

If you work in the construction industry, power tools are an essential part of the job. However, you should follow specific rules and regulations to operate safely and efficiently.

Every power tool comes with its own set of safety regulations that should be followed. The different types of power tools are determined by their power source, for example, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and liquid fuel.

Here are a few ways to stay safe when using your power tools.

Ensure you are wearing appropriate PPE

Personal protective equipment is essential for anyone using power tools. From safety aprons to goggles, PPE can keep you safe and protected throughout the working day. Staff should be fully educated on what equipment they need for every tool. There should also be sufficient signage around the construction site to remind workers to wear PPE.

Make sure your work area is clear

It can be challenging to keep a construction site tidy. However, it is essential for your workspace to be dry and somewhat organised. Accidental slips around dangerous tools can cause severe injuries. Ask all the people who are not involved with your work to keep a safe distance from the work area.

Do not leave electric power tools plugged in when you are not there to monitor them. Try to keep wires untangled and neat to prevent breakage and accidental falls.

Give proper training on how to use a tool

Almost half of all accidents with power tools are down to a mistake made by the operator or an unsafe working environment. Training your staff on health and safety policies can drastically reduce the number of accidents on site.

Anyone, who is expected to use tools daily, should be thoroughly trained in using them safely. Educate your workers on how to clean and maintain your high-quality tools as well.

Complete regular maintenance on your tools

With proper maintenance and care, power tools can last years with very few problems. Check for obvious defects, like damaged cables and plug connections. Make sure hand-held devices undergo regular maintenance and are checked by a qualified electrician from time to time.

The safety guards on power devices are there for a reason. Never remove them or paint them to cover up defects. Staff should be trained in selecting the right tool for every task and what speed to operate it on. Using a power tool at high speed can damage the materials, tools and equipment used.

Operators should be cautious when operating tools with moving parts. Safety guards can stop workers hands, limbs, clothing and hair from getting trapped in the device. Ouch! Train your operators in choosing tool attachments for these moving tools as well, for example, which type of abrasive wheel to select.

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