How to Promote a Law Firm in Your State


You are a professional when it comes to legal issues. You can provide quick and detailed consultations, help to manage legal documentation, and even win a suitcase. Is it enough to attract customers? Unfortunately, it’s not.

Legal marketing in the USA requires a specific approach. Although law firm marketing strategies aren’t much different from promotional tactics in other industries, one thing is obvious – there is no panacea.

So, what is the secret? How to get new clients for a law firm? These ten ideas will be useful when planning law firm marketing.

1. Think Locally

Everyone wants to conquer the whole planet. There is no doubt. However, it’s vital to consider a target market for law firms. First of all, it’s a local market. That’s why you have to adapt your marketing campaign according to the local needs.

This includes everything. You have to promote locally, both offline and online. The latter is especially vital. What is the point of targeting customers from Los Angeles if you are located in New York? Many clients value in-person communication, which is almost impossible under such circumstances.

2. Use Video Content

Content is key. People like to expand their horizons and learn something new. Also, they want to make sure that they are dealing with professionals. How to do this? By checking the content, a company offers.

It’s better to turn to types of content that are easy to comprehend. That’s why marketing specialists turn to videos. According to some research, video is the most commonly used format in content marketing. Users of all ages like to watch them!

3. Work on Your Website

Before looking for law firm SEO services, you need to find a specialist who can make you a website. It shouldn’t be an expensive site. Sometimes, a simple landing page is enough. Especially if we speak about small law firm marketing.

The main thing to remember is that your website must be of high-quality. In other words, it must load fast and be optimized for any device. Apart from that, it must contain all the necessary information.

4. Think Through the Content

All legal marketing companies will tell you that high-quality content is a must. First of all, it’s a sure way to attract online attention and readership. Content must amaze users regarding the chosen format.

If you are posting articles, make them educational. If you are making a post on social media, make it juicy. And don’t forget about a visual aspect. If you are recording a podcast, be entertaining yet provide useful information. Keep in mind: people will remember your message.

5. Use the Power of Referrals

Have you ever heard about word-of-mouth? It’s a powerful marketing tool. It’s still performing. The only thing that has changed is that now people share in the digital realm. It’s vital to monitor reviews on the net.

Another way to improve your reputation is guest blogging. It’s a working technique. You can share useful information on relevant websites. Partner with other companies and post an article on their blog. This will help you to reach a new target audience.

6. Work on Branding


Branding is extremely important. You have to work out a branding strategy that will tune your vibes to the mass. This includes everything: your logo, business cards, your office, the website, the social media accounts.

Moreover, branding covers communicational strategy and visuals. You should think through the way to approach customers. All the visuals should look professional. How to achieve such a goal? Start from determining your vision and mission. Show potential and existing clients your values. You will attract those who share the same them.

1. Utilize the Power of Online Tools

When working on legal marketing in my state, don’t underestimate the power of online tools. They can significantly help you to promote your brand digitally. First of all, start with SEO. SEO is about the rank of your website on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). For this, you have to implement SEO practices. They include local SEO considerations, keywords, metadata, and links.

Apart from that, learn about digital ads. You can easily utilize Facebook or Instagram ads. They can drive the flows of potential customers. You just have to invest some money, create an ad, and target the audience.

2. Go Social

Digital marketing for law firms isn’t limited to a website and Facebook ads only. In the era of social media, it’s a crime not to have a branded social account. It’s better not to focus on one social network only. Embrace them all if you have to. How to know that? Learn where your target audience exists.

An important aspect is content. It should be relevant. Moreover, keep posting everywhere. People are likely to check your accounts on other platforms.

3. Position Yourself as a Professional

Clients want to deal with professionals. That’s a fundamental statement for any industry. Being an expert with many years of practical experience in the field is a definite competitive advantage against other law firms.

You should show your competence. There are many ways to do this. You can post educational articles based on your personal experience. Another idea is to share cases. You don’t need to reveal clients’ private details. Just tell people about the case and how you solved it.

4. Combine Online and Offline

A law firm marketing plan shouldn’t be limited to online or offline. Omni-channel marketing is what leads to success. Be everywhere your clients exist. Use banner advertisements in the streets and banner ads on Google. Hold both educational webinars and workshops in your office.

The key is not to focus on one channel of communication only. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be irritating. Don’t bombard clients with identical messages via email, SMS, and social media.

As you can see, legal marketing isn’t that complicated. Although it requires some knowledge and effort, it’s definitely worth it. What do you consider the most important aspect of a marketing plan for a law firm?

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