How to Invert Colors on Chromebook in 4 Steps

How to Invert Colors on Chromebook

Chromebook users may find it a little difficult to invert the colors of their screens. This guide will introduce you on how to invert colors on Chromebooks. By inverting the colors on your Chromebook, you can enhance the visibility more and make the process of browsing on the device convenient. People with eye fatigue and vision impairments will especially benefit by inverting colors on their Chromebooks

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular day by day. Many people have started to buy them for their day-to-day use. Most of the time, the default settings of a Chromebook cause the screen to have bright colors on display. This can in fact be very annoying and cause a lot of headache. Staring at bright screens all day can sometimes affect your eyesight as well. This is why most people prefer to utilize the different options that are available to set the colors on their screens.

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How to Invert Colors on Chromebook with Settings

Inverting colors on Chromebooks may seem like a daunting task but you would be surprised to learn that it can be accomplished by using the built-in Settings of the device. By following these steps, you can easily invert colors on your Chromebook:

  1.       Close all the tabs or windows open on your screen. You will reach the Desktop of your Chromebook. Look for the button that says Options on the bottom right corner of your screen.
  2.       From it, click on the Settings option.  All the Settings of your Chromebook will open up in this section. Click on the Advance button that is present on the left side of your screen. If you do not see the Advance button there, scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will find it there as well.
  3.       Once you open the Advanced menu, click on the Accessibility menu. From there, you can access the Manage Accessibility Feature. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the option for Display. Once you expand the Display menu, click on the Use High Contrast Mode option.
  4.       This will toggle and invert the colors on Chromebook.


If you are a new Chromebook owner and confused about inverting colors on a Chromebook, then this article is perfect for you. This is because it provides an easy answer to the question on how to invert colors on Chromebook. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily accomplish the said task in a few minutes.


Following are the answers to two most frequently asked questions in regards of inverting colors on a Chromebook:

How Do You Invert Colors on a Chromebook Shortcut?

Even though the method described above is straightforward, it is hard to remember each step in most cases. Sometimes, you are in a hurry to get a task done and even a few simple steps may seem like one too many. This is why you can follow the shortcut method to invert colors on a Chromebook:

1.       Open Desktop of your Chromebook.
2.       Now press Ctrl + Search + H on your keyboard.
3.       This will directly open the Display menu without any extra steps involved.
4.       Now click on the Use High Contrast Mode option.
5.       This will toggle and invert the colors on Chromebook.

How Do I Fix The Colors on My Chromebook?

In dim light it if particularly difficult to adjust your eyes with the colors on a Chromebook. Here is how you can fix that:
1.       In the bottom right, click on the Options button and open the Settings.
2.       Go to the Displays menu in the Device section.
3.       Select the Color Temperature and adjust it according to your desired number.
4.       If you want to switch on the Night Mode, click to turn on the Night Light.

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