How to Disable Developer Mode on Chromebooks?

How to Disable Developer Mode on Chromebooks
What happens when a nonprofessional purchases this device and has absolutely no interest in developing. Here is a guide about how to disable developer mode on Chromebook


Chromebooks are the perfect devices to display the impact of the Internet on society. This is because they only function with an Internet connection present on them along with a valid Google email address. When it comes to functionality, most people are happy with their Chromebooks. The devices are efficient and do not lag or are stuck while dealing with different applications. For this reason, more and more people are switching towards them.

The body of Chromebooks are designed in such a manner that they are slim and sleek. This gives off a very fancy look. Similarly, they are also lightweight and easy to carry around. This is one of the major reasons why people prefer to use them as compared to the available options in the market.  Another feature that makes the device stand out from others is that it can be used in a developer mode. For those people who are into programming and love to code, Chromebooks seem to be the perfect option. 

They can perform all their tasks easily on this device. However, what happens if you do not want to use the developer mode and switch it to simple mode. Alternatively, what happens when a nonprofessional purchases this device and has absolutely no interest in developing. To help you with this issue, here is a guide about how to disable developer mode on Chromebook.

How to Disable Developer Mode on Chromebook?

Some people who use Chromebooks in the developer mode are unaware of how to switch it back off. If you are a regular user of the Chromebook, this may come off as big surprise to you. Nevertheless, in real life, there are scenarios where a person is confused on how to disable the developer mode on a Chromebook. This guide will discuss in systematic detail about the steps you can follow easily to accomplish the task without any issues.

What is the Developer Mode?               

Before we look into how we can disable the developer mode on Chromebooks, it is best to understand what a developer mode is. You may have heard this term being thrown around everywhere these days. Here is what it really means:

The settings of an OS are very different for developer modes. In this mode, the operating system allows the user of the device to program, test, and debug different applications. Several different major changes can be made into applications through the developer mode.

There is a reason why the developer mode is switched off in most of the operating systems. People who are unfamiliar with the world of programming may end up doing something to the device that they might not understand. This can cause many problems for the users as they have no idea how to navigate through the mode or how to reverse the changes that they have accidently made.

Chrome OS Developer Mode

Chromebook devices offers a special operating system to their users which allows them to use the developer mode. It is built into every Chromebook device. There are no additional installations that have to be performed to get the developer mode activated. All a user has to do is ensure that they enable the developer mode. But the developer mode is not the only way a person can use Chromebooks. In fact, users of Chromebooks can turn off the developer mode at any point in time that they want. Once they do that, the normal form of operating system appears. Everyone including those people who have no interests in developing can use this version of OS. At this point, the Chromebook behaves like every other normal computer device.  

Enable Chromebook Developer Mode

Are you a developer interested in coding and programming on your Chromebooks? Then, it is important to switch to the Chromebook developer mode. This will facilitate you in your coding and debugging efforts. Here is how you can enable the Chromebook developer mode:

  1.   Shut down the Chromebook completely.
  2.   Press the Power button along with ESC and Refresh buttons all at the same time. For those of you who do not know which one is the Refresh button, it is the F3 button situated on the top of your device’s keyboard.
  3.   The screen will show the message ChromeOS is missing or broken. Do not panic after seeing this message. When switching to the developer mode, this message will always pop up.
  4.   Once you see the message, insert the USB stick into the respective port.
  5.   Now press Ctrl + D.
  6.   It will take a while but a prompt will open up.
  7.   Press Enter to continue.
  8.   After a while, you will be in developer mode. Select all the options prompted by the OS to set up the mode according to your requirements.

Disable Chrome OS Developer Mode

Even a developer gets tired of using the developer mode all the time. This is why it is important to know how to disable the developer in your Chromebook. Follow these steps to accomplish this task:

  1.   Turn off the Chrome device completely.
  2.   Restart the device and then press the spacebar button.
  3.   A prompt with the message: OS verification is OFF.
  4.   Press the spacebar to continue.
  5.   Once you press the spacebar, the prompt will show the message: OS verification is ON.
  6.   The system will clear all your data from the developer mode and your device will open in the normal form of OS.

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Problems with ChromeOS Developer Mode

The major issue with ChromeOS Developer mode is that once you enable or disable it, you lose all your data completely. It is wiped out from your system. This can pose a serious issue for the users because if they do not have it in their backup or Google Drive, important pieces of code or other forms of data can be lost forever. If an unprofessional is using the device and accidently presses the spacebar while booting the device, they can lose their data and information. The option of developer mode is a higher risk for most people.


The process of how to disable developer mode on Chromebook is quite simple. Only a few steps and the pressing of a few keys on the keyboards are required. Anyone can accomplish this task in a matter of minutes. Developers enjoy working on the developer mode because there are many functionalities that are not available in the normal version of the operating system. Most people who enjoy coding and programming applications love to use devices that allow them to enable the developer mode. However, the problem with enabling and disabling the developer mode is that it removes the data completely from the device that can cause complications and issues for the users.


Q1. What are the drawbacks of enabling Developer Mode?

There are many different drawbacks of enabling developer mode. Here are some of them:
1. Your data will be lost eventually. This is because no one is comfortable in using developer mode all the time and switching the modes will delete the data.
2. You can accidentally lose your data.
3. Google does not support devices that switch to developer mode. This means that you might not get any help for the device if something goes wrong.
4. After developer mode is enabled, the device becomes less secure. 

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