How to choose your first electronic cigarette

Thanks to the evolution of the equipment for vaping, it is easier to start the electronic cigarette today. However, it is important, and even essential, to define which equipment is best suited to your needs. Size of the model, capacity of the tank, autonomy of the battery ... Many questions arise before even starting. Let's discover together which are the most effective models to start the electronic cigarette. Before you begin your research, it is essential to define with what level of nicotine you will vape. Not all electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine the same way, so you will need to choose your model based on your nicotine dosage. Generally, when we start, we move towards a high nicotine level to effectively meet our needs. In this case, powerful electronic cigarettes are to be avoided and it is better to move towards a model specially designed for beginners vapers. In this case, we recommend Dovpo vape. A little bit of technique To better understand the importance of the nicotine / electronic cigarette association, let's talk a little technical. When you press the button on your e-cig, you send current through what is called a resistor. This resistance is in the clearomizer (the tank if you prefer) and is soaked with e liquid. By heating, it will transform the e liquid into vapor. The resistances of electronic cigarettes can have different values ​​(in Ohms). They are generally classified into two main types: those which are greater than 1 ohm and those which are less than 1 ohm (also called "subhom"). The lower the resistance, the more power it will require. "Subohm" resistors are therefore not recommended for beginners since the production of vapor and the delivery of nicotine will quickly prove to be too great. For sensations that are closer to a classic cigarette, we will rather choose a model that works with resistances around 1 ohm and that will not need too much power. What is direct / indirect inhalation? Terms often used in vaping, they designate two ways of vaping. In indirect inhalation, as for a cigarette, the vapor remains for a time in the mouth, then in the lungs. In direct inhalation, vapor is directly inhaled into the lungs. It is a way of vaping rather associated with e liquids with low nicotine levels and "Cloud-Chasing". Your electronic cigarette to start To function, an electronic cigarette kit such as Dovpo Mono SQ Signature Mod also needs a battery. Its autonomy is expressed in "mAh" (the more it has, the longer it can operate). The batteries are also fitted with an electronic circuit which secures and regulates vaping. To recharge them, simply connect them to an energy source via a USB cable, like any smartphone. At the top of the battery, there is a clearomizer, the accessory that contains the resistance and into which we pour the e liquid. It has a tip called the drip-tip and which sucks up the steam.

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