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How to choose human hair wig during the summer?

In summer, it is not always easy to choose human hair weaves or wigs. No one likes it in hot summer, because there are thick layers of human hair on your head and back, and you can’t stand the heat. However, as long as you make sure that you choose high-quality human hair that suits your style, you can enjoy the summer comfortably and beautifully.

The straight human hair.

Straight human hair is far easier to care for than curly hair. It hardly needs combing, and it is very soft. Straight human hair is always clean and tight, not as heavy as curly hair at the back. If the weather is too hot, you can comb straight human hair into a ponytail or roll it into a bun. When you go to the office or run, you look relaxed and always look orderly. This is a amazing option for professional women and amateur fitness women in summer.

We provided 8-inch to 32-inch straight human hair. It also comes with a lace frontal/closure and lace wig.

The HD lace wigs.

Generally speaking, HD lace wigs are extremely welcome in summer because of its high-quality human hair and super thin and transparent lace. It’s very light, breathable and not hot, so your scalp and hair won’t be under any pressure. It can resist bad summer weather. HD lace is still the latest and most imperceptible lace on the market. Swiss lace as raw material. Its lace is ultra-thin and transparent, and it is very strong. When you cover it on the skin ?whatever the skin tone is?, it is difficult to find the lace mesh even at a distance of 2 feet, because it has a smooth blending function. Pre-plucked the single knot provides you with all-natural decoration, just like the hair is unwound from your own scalp. This almost invisible lace wig is high-grade and unique and has been favored since its launch. HD lace wig can be colored, bleached or dyed to match the color of scalp skin. We have 13*6 HD lace front wigs, 5*5 HD lace closure wigs and 13*4 HD lace front wigs and so on, Straight HD Lace WigWater Wave HD Lace WigBody Wave HD Lace Front WigsDeep Wave HD Lace Front WigLoose Deep HD Lace Front WigsWater Wave HD Lace Closure WigsCurly HD Lace Closure Wigs,  Short HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs.

The headband wig.

If you can’t stand with the high cost of HD lace wigs, you can choose human hair headband wigs, which will save you significantly than HD lace wigs and the most importantly it very convenient to wear. The headband wig does not need glue to fix it, which will help protect the scalp and natural hairline. You don’t need to use glue on it or sew it in a professional salon. It only takes about ten minutes wearing the wig. Compared with put on a conventional lace wig, the headband wig saves you a lot of time on the installation step. You can easily take it off when you put it on, so as to avoid scalp itching caused by glue and sweat and avoid the embarrassment that the wig falls off due to the melting of sweat.

The U-part wig.

As for cost, U-part wigs are also very cheap, and they don’t need glue to fix them. U-part wigs can give you a quite natural feeling. It can show your natural fore hair. It mixes with your hair through several combs, cleverly hiding the traces of the wig. It leaves you with a hairstyle that just look grows from the scalp. How amazing is that! U-part wig as a protective hairstyle, most of your hair is braided and hidden under the wig, which can give you the same effect as sew-in or glue wig. More importantly, the U-part wig is closer to your hair than sew-in or glue wig. Just like the headband wig, the U-part wig prevent the scalp itching caused by glue and sweat, and also prevent the embarrassment that the wig falls off due to the melting of sweat.

The high-quality human hair in the summer.

Even in the hot summer sunshine, high-quality hair are still looks fabulous. When you choose summer hair, you should always consider what to do in summer. If you like swimming, you need to make sure that the hairstyle you choose can easily blend with your natural hairline and scalp, such as HD lace wig, so that you don’t need to check whether your hairline is exposed frequently. If you don’t know what to choose, we recommend that you wear headband wigs and HD lace wigs in summer. If you are always in the office or gym, we recommend that you wear ponytail or straight human hair. If you like sunbathing and let your skin and hair kiss the sun when it is not too strong, we suggest you choose elegant and fashionable bob hair. If you are a female otaku, we recommend that you choose the headband wig, which matches well with any makeup and clothes. You also have enough time to give your hair a simple hairstyle, so that you can take excellent photos from all angles.

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