How do i start A Junkyard Business

The team at the junkyard spends the majority of their days acquiring new junk, sorting it out, breaking down its parts, repairing and recycling.

What determines the success of a junkyard business?

The growth potential of a junkyard business is very promising as vehicles are amongst the most recycled products. You or your staff should also know how to restore and recycle non-running cars. As a business owner, you will interact with a lot of people from different walks of life.

Starting a junkyard business

A junkyard basically buys or collects free junk cars that users no longer consider to be usable and transform them to meet the requirements of certain buyers who buys non-running cars and their parts. The yards may either be the vehicles’ final resting place or a short-term storage facility before the vehicles are recycled and moved to another destination. Here are some steps to follow if you’re looking to start a junkyard business. Create a proper business plan to make sure that all the specifics to becoming a successful entrepreneur are mapped out.

The plan will help you identify the startup as well as the recurring costs, the target market, the business name, and how much you’ll charge your customers. Find a suitable piece of land where the business will run. Secure all the necessary licenses, business permits, and don’t forget the insurance too. All these are very important documents for any business.

To keep the customers coming back, you need a deep understanding of what they need from you.


To figure out if this is the type of business to venture into, you must have strong technical knowledge about what can be salvaged and what cannot.

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