How Can a Katy Car Accident Lawyer Help After a Crash

Though Katy is a comparatively small town in Texas, it witnesses heavy vehicular traffic from the adjoining counties. On average, the busy roads here result in a motor crash or two per day. Between 2014 and 2018 alone, this town reported a 45% spike in car collisions.

Data from the Texas Department of Transportation exposes the fact that out of every five motor accidents in Katy, at least one, if not more, cause some physical injury. Here is when a professional Katy Car Accident Lawyer can help you receive fair compensation.

A severe car crash caused by another driver's negligence entitles you to receive rightful compensation. Specialized legal aid can maximize your chances of settling a claim filed covering lost income, medical expenses, to other accident-related expenditures.

An attorney experienced and skilled in handling car accident cases assists in the following manner by representing you:

Investigates Factors Leading To the Crash

Your legal representative takes the time and effort to investigate all potential factors leading to your serious car accident. Competent attorneys dig deeper to comprehend how the crash unfolded by reconstructing the event.

During such investigation, contributing factors like a vehicular malfunction, distracted driver, poor road conditions, or the absence of proper signage come to the limelight.

Identifies Responsible Parties

All parties, even indirectly connected with the accident you were involved in, can be held responsible. Your Katy Car Accident Lawyer capably identifies every party liable to pay you compensation for causing damage or injury.

For instance, if the person behind the wheel was driving a company car, the employer comes into the picture. Similarly, a malfunctioning tire puts the manufacturer in the dock for being partially to blame.

Negotiates In Your Favor

Considering your attorney has an in-depth knowledge of the legalities involved, he or she expertly negotiates with the insurance company of the party at fault. They work towards ensuring you are given a fair amount without settling for a negligible compensation.

If you attempt to deal directly with insurance company adjusters who try to invalidate or minimize your claim, any information you share may be used against you. By allowing your legal representative to negotiate on your behalf, you reduce the risk of walking away empty-handed.

Assesses Projected Expenses

A claim must be filed, considering current and future costs arising from medical and other accident-related expenses. Lawyers consult with medical professionals and auto experts to arrive at a reasonably accurate assessment of projected costs.

This strategy ensures you claim a comprehensive sum for all the damage and injury caused to you without losing out in the process. Your Katy attorney apprises you of your rights from the word go and has your best interest at heart all along.

The modified comparative negligence rules applicable in Texas allow for more than one person to be held liable for an accident. In Katy, you have a maximum period of two years after being involved in a car accident to demand compensation by asserting your rights.

A local lawyer specialized in this domain can ensure you get the justice you deserve. Approach one without delay since time is of the essence.