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Helios IP Announces Renewals+ Global IP Payments Solution

Tampa, September 15, 2021.  Helios IP, the innovative SaaS solution for intellectual property management, today announced the launch of Renewals+.  The new solution provides cost-effective global IP payments, with access to a full-capability portfolio database. Where traditional providers offer only limited online systems, the Renewals+ platform includes full bibliographic data, categorization, emails, documents, reports, and dashboards.

“Renewal payments are a critical process for IP owners yet remain a complicated and frustrating experience for many firms and companies,” postulated Ralph Schroeder, the founder and CEO of Helios IP.  “We felt there was a better way—a brighter way—to manage the process by combining our IP support expertise with our leading IP technology.  The result is an easy-to-use yet robust solution that is unique in the market.”

The Renewals+ approach covers three areas: easy onboarding of the client’s portfolio, including data verification; instructing and executing payments directly through the platform; and advanced reporting including dashboards powered by Power BI.   Introductory pricing offers free U.S. payments and $55 per flat rate for non-U.S. payments.  There is no additional charge for the Renewals+ software platform.

“After a year of development, process validation, and user testing, we are excited to offer a unique solution that manages renewals and portfolio activities in an integrated platform,” reflected Chelsea Friez, Helios IP’s Director of Operations.  “For law firms and companies looking for a more responsive and available partner, Renewals+ provides a compelling alternative to traditional providers.”

Renewals+ is immediately available for new clients.  Interested law firms and companies should contact Helios IP at [email protected] or please download the Renewals+ overview.

About Helios IP

Helios IP is the industry’s first true SaaS solution for IP operations.   Helios IP provides an end-to-end IP system together with expert support services.  We work with law firms and corporate IP teams across the full range of IP activities including filing, prosecution, renewals, and formalities.  The HeliosComplete™ monthly subscription includes tracking of bibliographic data, PTO data integration, document management, email, and collaboration. The solution is powered by the DocketEngine global country rules covering more than 250 jurisdictions, 3,500 rules and 75,000 unique docketing outcomes, plus access to the Helios IP Network of preferred agents for foreign renewals, filing, prosecution, and other formalities services. Learn more at or schedule a meeting.

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