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HealCo Revs Up to Overcome Hurdle of Provider Shortages and Physician Burnout

HealCo’s all-in-one technology is tackling some of healthcare’s most pressing social issues in 2020 through medical office timesharing.

It’s 2020, and people living in the United States are still experiencing difficulty gaining access to modern healthcare. It is nearly impossible to build or expand a value-based health system that thrives on outpatient services due to three major factors. These factors have historically led to a disconnect between patient and doctor proximity, and patient and hospital availability:

Provider shortages in urban and rural areas

An alarming lack of emphasis on mental health 

A lack of basic primary care in many parts of the country

HealCo is committed to analyzing and mending the areas that have collided with these factors, ultimately leading physicians to communities where they are needed most, as our mission states.

Physician shortages are rooted in the “tendency of health care professionals to locate and practice in relatively affluent urban and suburban areas,” according to the Western Journal of Medicine. There aren’t a lot of physicians willing to work in rural or urban areas in the US — in large part due to the difficulty in finding medical spaces that are affordable and conducive to their work. Essentially, these administrative headaches are what also lead to physician burnout. HealCo aims to remove the barriers that stand between providers and medical spaces they seek to lease.

Patients with a history of mental health concerns, or an inability to be discharged for a lack of a sufficient support network, are becoming “stranded” at hospitals for extended periods of time — the antithesis of a value-based system most hospitals are seeking to evolve into. For the first time in history, doctors and hospitals are being incentivized to keep patients out; but stranded patients with mental or support issues have no place to go following treatment, translating into hospitals absorbing costs that largely go unreimbursed.

At HealCo, we are motivated by these challenges and have worked tirelessly to make it easier and more cost effective for mission-oriented providers to create a sustainable part-time presence in geographic areas that are otherwise healthcare deserts. 

HealCo now offers contract management, office management, and free rent processing tools to facilitate an environment where all providers, including primary care physicians, behavioral specialists, psychiatrists, and wellness providers can practice locally and help transition patients out of the inpatient environment. Providers pay for only the time they use — nothing more, nothing less.

Experience transparency, simplicity, and affordability with HealCo’s comprehensive technology and seamless matchmaking platform. Find or lease medical office space with HealCo today and join us in our quest to bring high-value providers to communities that need them most.

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