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Guide of wavy hair types and to care of wavy human hair wig

Knowing your wig hair pattern will help you identify your hair type and know its characteristics. The wavy hair lies between curly hair and straight hair. How can you determine whether your hair is wavy or not? Now, let’s get into the wavy hair types guide, which focuses on the many forms of wavy hair and how to care for wavy hair. ( hd lace wigs )

What exactly is wavy hair?

Straight hair is not the same as wavy hair, commonly known as type 2 hair. It refers to hair that has some bands running through it from the root to the tip. It has a “S” form and is neither totally straight nor completely curly. From a cosmetic standpoint, wavy hair is perfect since it has only few curls, waves, or bends and is extremely easy to work with; you can make it very smooth or straight, or you can create magnificent waves or curls. They normally do not frizz and have a lengthy lifespan.( glueless wigs )

What kinds of wavy hair are there?

Waves are classified into three types: 2A, 2B, and 2C. How can you determine whether your hair is 2A, 2B, or 2C?

Type 2A.

This hair type is rarely seen in the world of wavy hair, but it has a lot of aesthetic potentials. It normally begins at the root and progresses to a loose S-shaped curl. It is frequently smooth and fine. When you comb the hair, you may face an issue with hair volume.

Type 2B.

Although the base of type 2B hair remains straight, curly hair is generally more defined and reacts better to curly hair treatments. This type of hair frequently clashes with the frizz on top of the head, which may be handled with appropriate products.

Type 2C.

The S-shaped curls in type 2C hair are more pronounced and thicker. Because the curls start at the roots, this type of hair is more prone to frizzing. Even though this hair type might be more challenging to style, you can manage maintenance and styling of your hair with the correct products used during and in between washes and the proper cleaning schedule. ( Deep Wave wig )

Wavy hair care instructions.

  1. Wash at least twice a week with water. If you go to the gym or have a busy schedule, you may wash your hair frequently; however, remember to add water to your hair to avoid over-saturation.
  2. Schedule therapy once a week. You may treat it with hot oil, rinse it well, or treat it with deep conditioning, which is ideal for curly hair. Frizziness can be created by split ends or by hair searching for moisture, suggesting a lack of moisture.
  3. Use mild products that do not overly coat your hair. Avoid these harmful items; many people with wavy hair go to extremes with product addiction, which is unneeded. You do not require these products; Consequently, when shopping, look for words such as “stick to mousse” that will assist in the definition.
  4. Use dry shampoo. You may be pressed for time and unable to wash your hair. You can use dry shampoo to preserve or extend the service life of your hair inside a week. Simply spray it on your head before going to bed, and it will absorb it as you sleep, which is when the majority of the oil in the scalp is produced.

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