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GPOCBD Launches Ambassador Referral Program and Eliminates Membership Fees

Apr 15, 2020 8:00 AM ET

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 15, 2020

GPOCBD ( is pleased to announce that it has eliminated all membership fees allowing consumers to join the group purchasing organization at no cost whatsoever. It has also launched an Ambassador referral program to reward product promotional efforts supported by ShoutOut software to track every lead, sale, and commission due Ambassadors.

GPOCBD offers consumers a safe and efficient way to purchase CBD products including intensive relief creams, adult gum drops, tinctures, and pre-rolled flower. Because of the group purchasing power of its diverse membership, GPOCBD can purchase directly from manufacturers and eliminate several cost layers from the supply chain. This allows individual members to purchase through GPOCBD at significantly discounted prices.

Together we save: Consumers wanting to benefit from natural products that support the fight against anxiety, pain and depression can now save money and earn income simply by introducing new members to GPOCBD. More members means more savings for the group as its purchasing power expands.

GPOCBD is seeking passionate people to promote its brand. GPOCBD provides a generous compensation program and software that tracks every lead, sale, and commission earned from up to 10 levels of referrals. In addition to allowing ambassadors to supplement their income with sales to friends, family and even retail establishments, GPOCBD plans to add exciting benefits such as health care and profit sharing later this year. No capital investment is ever required, no membership fees are ever collected, and every purchase is fully backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. More information is available at

 About the Company

GPOCBD was created to amass buying power to significantly reduce the cost of CBD and other healthcare related products while guaranteeing the highest quality ingredients. Products are sourced directly from certified US manufacturers thereby eliminating nonessential segments of the supply chain. GPOCBD will continue to add products to meet the needs of its individual members and its reseller affiliates who earn income by promoting products to friends, family and retailers.

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Anthony Galardi

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