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GPOCBD Expands Group Purchasing Products with Sanitizers and NonoFiber Face Masks to help combat the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

GPOCBD is pleased to announce that it has added powerful hand sanitizers and Respilon Virus Killer nanofiber face masks to its group purchasing product line to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus. These virus and bacterial fighters supplement CBD products designed for healthier lifestyles. All products are available for sale at significantly discounted prices at through the group purchasing organization.

GPOCBD offers two models of NanoFiber face masks, the RespiMask Virus Killer and the R-Shield Scarf. The ReSpiMask Virus Killer is a class IIR medical device that captures 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, smog, mold, pollen, dust and other dangerous particles. It’s fortified with Accelerated Copper Dioxide (ACuO) to deactivate viruses and bacteria with 99.9% efficiency. This combination results in unparalleled protection for users and is sold as a 10-pack for $95.00. The R-Shield, a reusable nanofiber scarf designed to last for 50 wash cycles, also has a 99.9% Bacteria and Viral Filtration Efficiency and is available for just $69. The Respilon nanofiber masks are available for pre-order with an expected delivery date in April.

GPOCBD allows individuals to purchase at significantly discounted prices because of the group purchasing power of its diverse membership. Consumers looking to benefit from natural products that support the fight against anxiety, pain and depression can now add the Respilon masks and sanitizer to their arsenal.

The BioEDefense hand sanitizer meets or exceeds CDC safety guidelines and adds a special combination of Essential Oils with 50 mg of soothing CBD per ounce. Available in two sizes, the Sanitizer costs $12.50 for 4 ounces (118ml) with 200 mg of CBD and $8.00 for the 2 ounce (59 ml) travel size with 100 mg of CBD.

Membership is free with any purchase and many GPOCBD members are affiliates that supplement their income with sales of these products to friends, family and even retail establishments.


About the Company

GPOCBD was created to amass buying power to significantly reduce the cost of CBD and other healthcare related products while guaranteeing the highest quality ingredients. Products are sourced directly from certified US manufacturers thereby eliminating nonessential segments of the supply chain. GPOCBD will continue to add products to meet the needs of its individual members and its reseller affiliates who earn income by promoting products to friends, family and retailers.

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