The Government will extend full support to the program that would help control and eradicate environmental hazards, the Advisor to the PM on Climate Change, Mr. Malik Amin Aslam said during a meeting with Mr. Muhammad Hassamuddin, Founder of ‘RASAI’, an advanced logistics optimization research company, in Islamabad today. Giving a detailed briefing to the Advisor, Mr. Muhammad Hassamuddin said that RASAI is Pakistan’s premier Innovation Development Lab/Programme that provides the youth with access to entrepreneurial opportunities, linkages, and guidance in order to execute innovative projects through a structured framework. The Advisor to the Prime Minister reiterated that all-out support would be provided to the company as the government has already provided opportunities to the other companies and institutions to make Pakistan environment-friendly. The issues and opportunities available to Eco-focused startups in Pakistan were also highlighted as to how the ecosystem could be made more robust with the implementation of an enabling mechanism at the grassroots level to ensure higher success for startups and promotion of entrepreneurial mindset amongst the youth.

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