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Global Rollator Walkers Report for period 2018-2025 out now!

AnalystView Market Insights has released a detailed report on Rollator Walkers Market discussing all the major key trends, shares, sizes and key players of the market.

Rollators by definition are known as the walking frames with wheels that provide user with comfort to lift the equipment and they’re suitable for activities both indoor and outdoor. There are several types of Rollator walkers divided in the report by their segment, by their region and by the key industry player.

The report includes following areas in study: Africa, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, China, Latin America and India. The report also discusses the risks according to the geographical region.


The report can be found here at:

The major key vendors discussed in the Global Rollator Walkers report are as under

Invacare Corporation, Medical Depot, GF Health Products, Essential Medical Supply, Alex Orthopedic, Medline and Essential Medical Supply Inc. Along with other key market players are discussed in the report.

Historical years taken in the report are 2014 and 2016 whereas 2017 serves as the base year for the Rollator Walkers report and projections are made on the year 2025.

The report can be found on the AnalystView Market Insights.

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