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Global MEMS Microphones Market to Reach $3,497.90 million by 2027

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) microphones refer to miniature devices that offer high fidelity acoustic sensing. Also, these microphones can be easily embedded in an electronic product having restricted space. These microphones are also integrated into smartphones and other consumer products like smart speakers and headsets. In the present scenario, these microphones not just record plain ambient sound, but they also assist stereo capabilities, directivity (through beamforming), active noise cancellation, voice recognition, and other capabilities. Factors such as the rise in demand for smartphones, IoT-based devices, hearing aids, virtual reality (VR) headsets, and other consumer electronics are anticipated to create lucrative growth opportunities for the MEMS microphones market.

The majority of consumer devices like tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches have integrated microphones in them. The demand for microphones is further fuelled by the rise in demand for these devices. Devices like tablets and mobile phones require compact, thin, and low-power consuming components. As the number of audio applications and features increases, microphone technology becomes more crucial. Moreover, the growing disposable income of the individuals would also drive the demand for higher comfort and security through smart devices and appliances.

For a long time, microphones have been deployed across a wide range of industrial applications for voice applications and communication. In the last couple of years, microphones have been deployed in various industrial applications like sound power testing, general sound measurement, and noise source testing for white goods like power hand tools, heating & air conditioning systems, and small household appliances. Several industry regulations associated with controlling noise levels need the installation of noise monitoring devices in premises that can also be embedded into the prevailing SCADA or DCS systems for the automatic controlling and monitoring of produced noise.

Recent Strategies deployed: Product Launches and Product Expansions

Oct-2021: DB Unlimited released WB Line of Enclosed Waterproof Micro Speakers. The speakers are well-suited for everything from proof-of-concept designs to rugged production solutions. These devices drastically decrease the development time of audio applications and enhance the manufacturability of crucial design factors like tuned speaker back chamber, ingress protection, and mounting.

Jun-2021: TDK Corporation rolled out MEMS microphones, hence expanding its SmartSound offerings. The product includes T5919, T3903, and T4086. TDK designed microphones for numerous applications in different challenging and dynamic environments, thus allowing the customers to develop a differentiated audio experience.

Apr-2021: Infineon Technologies introduced XENSIV MEMS microphone IM73A135, an advanced analog MEMS microphone that gives better results. This microphone enables designers to deliver a superior and high audio performance limited to ECMs whereas simultaneously providing the innate advantages of MEMS technology.

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