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Global Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Market Read over USD 30 Billion

Global Information, Inc. [JASDAQ 4171]

Cancer biomarker is traceable substances or molecules which indicate the presence of cancerous cells. The prevention of cancer by diagnosing and analyzing various cancer biomarkers using different diagnostic techniques is a profound approach to obtain rapid results for treatment. There are various types of biomarkers such as proteins, peptides, antibodies, and nucleic acids. Presence of these biomarkers in tissues, urine, serum, blood, and other body fluids indicate an abnormal process or a disease. Various such biomarkers for cancer indications have been studied and are used as biomarkers for diagnostics, prognostics, personalized medicines, and surrogate endpoints. The identification of different types of biomarkers is an integral part of various industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Among all targeted approaches, immune checkpoint inhibitors have gained the maximum interest in the market. To date, several immune checkpoint inhibitors have entered the market and various others are present in clinical development, thus driving this sector during the forecast period. However, these immune checkpoint inhibitors are shown to be effective in about 20%-30% of the cancer patients. Therefore, there is unmet need to develop and validate accurate biomarkers to assist immune checkpoint therapy in cancer patients.

Currently, FDA has approved three predictive biomarkers for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy in cancer patients including programmed cell death ligand-1 (PD-L1); microsatellite instability (MSI), and tumor mutational burden (TMB). Apart from this, several others are present in clinical development. Our report provides comprehensive analysis on the ongoing clinical trials related to biomarker for approved immune checkpoint inhibitors as well as inhibitors which are under clinical trials. Furthermore, the role of biomarker in different therapeutic conditions is also mentioned in the report.

US will continue to dominate the global market in terms of biomarker research and immune checkpoint inhibitor sales during the forecast period driven by several factors including higher adoption of advanced technologies like next generation sequencing, and the increasing number of research studies establishing the role of biomarkers in drug discovery and development, and cancer diagnosis. Additionally, rising prevalence of cancer in the region and surge in awareness among population regarding the availability of biomarkers will also aid in the growth of market. Furthermore, rapid approval of diagnostic tests in the region will also propel the growth of the market. For instance in 2022, Oxford BioDynamics announced the US launch of its checkpoint inhibitor test (EpiSwitch CIRT) for cancer.

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