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Global Educational Robots Market to Reach $2,872.8 million by 2027

Educational robotics is a concept of teaching the application, analysis, and operation through a variety of robots such as mobile robots, articulated robots, or autonomous vehicles. These robots can help a person in their learning process from school to graduation.

With advanced computing ability and innovative engineering, educational robots can be controlled through voice, gestures, and other special apps. In addition, they can improve creative problem-solving techniques, as well, as boost the growth of necessary communication & interpersonal skills and the power to transmit and integrate complicated innovations to their mates.

The humanoid robot has the capacity to evolve the educational robots market. There are numerous researches going on about how to transmit programming of a robot into other humanoid robot, wherein researchers are developing ingenious software solutions as software is considered as a vital part of humanoid robots. For example, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory designed a technique of machine learning named C-learn which enables non-coders to train robot movements and assessments giving fundamental information on the objects that are being directed.

The cost of establishing a robots-based education center might not be affordable for every school, college, and other educational institutes, especially for the newcomers to the sector. The expenditure required to purchase educational robots and integrate the robot along with its maintenance would be very high. The institutions that require additional infrastructure or do not have any tie-ups with robot manufacturers would not be able to bear the cost of educational robots. These hindrances would majorly occur in the under-developed or developing countries with low purchasing or spending capacity or do not have significant existence of robot manufacturers.

Recent Strategies deployed in Educational Robot Market

Oct-2021: FANUC unveiled CRX educational cell. The cell includes the collaborative robot FANUC CRX-10iA and all the functions required to learn the basic programming skills in a specific package. This product helps young people to get first-hand programming & control experience along with state-of-the-art robots.

Jun-2021: SoftBank Robotics America entered into a partnership with RobotLAB, the leading robotics integrator. This partnership aimed to expand Pepper’s earlier industry and STREAM education key areas to a wider variety of applications and marks RobotLAB’s debut as one of SBRA’s Whiz Partners.

May-2021: DJI unveiled the RoboMaster Tello Talent drone under the DJI Education Division. This RoboMaster TT is developed specifically to attract STEM students while gaining knowledge in AI robotics, programming in an easy-to-understand and hands-on time that is important for applying real-world knowledge.

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