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Global Continuous Delivery Market is forecast to reach $4.12 Billion by 2025

Deployment type – Segment Analysis

With growing adoption towards cloud based technology, the Continuous Deliverymarket is expected to have a major share during the forecast period. Adoption of cloud based models by the enterprises have been helping towards high market growth due to their capabilities of providing high performance, improved flexibility along with many others. Compared to on premises, cloud deployed continuous delivery solutions offer a cost efficient solution, thus raising its demands from both small as well as large enterprises. Deployment of Cloud continuous delivery tools helps developers in faster code processing causing easier code debugging and failure testing.As cloud based tools also helps in accelerating the application delivery process, thus enhancing the productivity with faster releases. These factors have been contributing towards higher dominance of cloud continuous delivery by the organizations.

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Geography – Segment Analysis

North America is expected to have a major growth in the global Continuous Deliverymarket during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. Presence of key players such as Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation and Microsoft Corporation are acting as major drivers for the growth of Continuous Deliverymarket. High investments towards research and development activities along with rising adoption of cloud technology across various industry verticals have beenfuelling the growth for continuous delivery market. Increasing growth of IT sector as well as deployment of continuous delivery solutions towards improving organizational growth are also causing significant market growth in this region.

Drivers – Continuous DeliveryMarket

Increased productivit

The rising demand from organizations towards continuous delivery has been growing due to capabilities of providing improved productivity. Deployment of continuous delivery solutions has substantially helped the developers in setting up and fixing test environments within less timeframe. With automatic setup of testing environments by continuous delivery pipelines, the market is witnessing high demands due to easing down the work pressure of developers as well as operation engineers. Application release has been made easier with the help of continuous delivery, thus helping in higher organizational productivity. High investments by the enterprises towards continuous delivery solutions has been rising due to elimination of manual tasks, thus minimising the troubleshooting errors and bugs. With adoption of such solutions, enterprises are facing higher productivity due to simplifying time taking jobs.

Increasing customer satisfaction

Rising customer satisfactions have been causing high demands towards growth of continuous delivery market. Adoption of continuous delivery solutions helps the developers in enhancing the product quality along with faster product releases. Moreover, customer relationship is enhanced as the developers can address failure issues easily and more effectively. Usage of continuous delivery solutions provides organizations with better and faster feedback from customers, causing higher demands in the market.

Challenges – Continuous DeliveryMarket

Lack of skilled workforce

Adoption of continuous delivery tools faces slow demands by some organizations due to insufficient experienced workers. Designing and implementation of continuous delivery pipelines by inexperienced people causes major problems for the organizations. Deploying of skilled as well as experienced staff can only help in better utilisation of continuous delivery tools with optimised efficiency. This is a major challenge which hampers the growth of continuous delivery market by lesser adoption from enterprises.

Market Landscape


Partnerships and acquisitions along with product launches are the key strategies of the players in the Continuous Delivery Market. The major key players in the Continuous Delivery Market include IBM Corporation, XebiaLabs, Microsoft Corporation, Electric Cloud Inc., CloudBees Inc., Clarive, Atlassian, Flexagon LLC, Accenture and CA Technologies.

Partnerships/Product Launches/Acquisition

  •  In April 2019, CloudBees had announced acquisition of Electric Cloud in order to create a continuous delivery powerhouse. This acquisition helped CloudBees in emerging as the first provider of end to end continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment. This acquisition claimed to merge the strength of CloudBees with Electric Cloud towards offering better CI/CD solution for all applications ranging from cloud to on premise or self-managed to self service
  • In December 2019, AWS announced collaboration with Atlassian in order to combine its code pipeline with AtlassianBitbucket cloud. This collaboration will help in easy connection of Bitbucket cloud with AWS Code pipeline thus enabling the automation process while testing, building as well as deployment of release process.

Key Takeaways

• Cloud deployed continuous delivery market is expected to have a major market share during the forecast period 2020-2025 owing to growing adoption of cloud based technology across industries.

• Key market players such as Oracle Corporation and Microsoft Corporation have been helping towards significant market growth in North America.

• Increasing productivity standards of organizations along with enhancing customer relationships are some of the major driving factors affecting the growth of continuous delivery market.

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