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Gladinet Inc. The Leader in Remote Access Solutions, Announces Triofox, its Work from Home Solution!

Apr 14, 2020 11:29 PM ET
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COVID-19 has really caught the entire world and businesses off-guard as it relates to business continuity and disasters. Workers and workplace safety is at the forefront of all government agencies and corporations all around the world. Organizations are struggling to provide remote and mobile access to their workers so they can access the data they need from home and remote locations. Gladinet has been providing remote access solutions for more than 10 years and is announcing the widespread availability of free Triofox licenses which enables secure, remote and mobile access to on-premise file server shares without a VPN.

To enjoy the aforementioned free licenses, which expires June 30, 2020, enterprises can just signup for a free trial at

With Triofox, mobile workers can share folders over the internet as securely as if it was controlled by the corporate IT infrastructure. IT can enable secure local folders sharing over the internet and workers can share files online while IT keeps full control of data and its privacy. Triofox simplifies secure online file sharing from your local file server shares.

Gladinet’s Vice President of Customer Success, Azam Ali, said:

“In this time of need, we are faced with the challenges of making it as easy as possible to work from home, without compromising security or productivity. And everyone is saying they need it done yesterday. The problem is it can take significant time to provide VPN less access – especially if you’re talking about workflows that involve file servers and line of business applications. Triofox eliminates those hurdles! It’s simple to install, and it leverages existing network file shares, users and permissions for automatic configuration. You can literally have your employees working from home in minutes, not days or weeks.”

In stark, relieving contrast to VPN’s confusing, slow, and error-prone connections, Triofox simplifies the at-home user’s experience by providing remote access through a familiar mapped drive, creating the illusion of working in the office on the company network, without a VPN’s encumbering setbacks.

Mobilize your workforce for quick and easy file server remote and mobile access without a VPN with Gladinet.

Azam continued:

“While we cannot help out on the medical front, we can help out by providing solutions to keep employees safe and make the transition to work from home as seamless as possible. Companies are asking employees to work remotely. However, doing so increases risks like losing productivity due to traditional, inefficient remote access methods, or data breaches from home computers that tend to be more vulnerable than those on a corporate network.”

Triofox’s built-in ransomware protection is a notable member of an extensive arsenal of security, reporting and monitoring features. It uses behavioral heuristics to actively monitor all Triofox clients for any unusual activity, quarantine them at the first sign of possible attack, and alert the administrator to the neutralized threat.

Other prominent features include versioning and offsite backup of file server assets to simplify recovery from disasters like accidental deletions. Triofox also prevents “data sprawl” by storing data on existing file servers, while simultaneously governing remote access with existing permissions. However, if so desired, Triofox does provide the option to instantly move file servers to the cloud. There is also no vendor lock-in and organizations can continue to access their data with or without Triofox.

In his final comments, Azam noted:

“As more and more businesses practice social distancing during COVID-19 global pandemic, we are seeing a lot more interest in faster ways to facilitate work from home without compromising data privacy, security or compliance. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take a look at Triofox’s File Server Remote Access and any other resources at your disposal to simplify work from home.”

To learn more, please go to or email us [email protected] or call us at +1 888 955 6656.

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