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Gavelytics Extensively Upgrades Litigation Analytics Platform in Massive New Release. New functionality, analytics, data and infrastructure deliver even more actionable insights.

Gavelytics announces a massive upgrade of its litigation analytics product with new functionality, analytics, data categories, and platform infrastructure enhancements that give users better access to more litigation analytics than ever before possible. The newly upgraded platform features a bold new look and expanded litigation analytics on judges, law firms, lawyers, and litigants as well as a massive searchable database of litigation documents and briefs. Currently covering counties in 15 U.S. states, Gavelytics will soon release 12 additional states and coverage of all U.S. Federal District Courts.

Gavelytics’s proprietary, AI-powered technology turns raw litigation data into useful information that facilitates litigators’ strategic decision-making and removes guesswork. It analyzes tens of millions of litigation documents with machine learning and human lawyer review to provide actionable insights on the behaviors and tendencies of judges, lawyers, law firms and litigants. It scours these documents and displays extracted information in user-friendly, interactive charts, so users can find the most actionable data with ease. Gavelytics’s platform includes millions of case-augmenting litigation briefs that cannot be found on any other platform. Search through dockets, rulings and briefs to further enhance legal research with just the click-of-a-button.

New Features:

  • An API providing direct access to Gavelytics’s litigation analytics and underlying data that can be seamlessly applied into workflows
  • A bold new user interface design offering deeper analytics and more customization
  • Additional proprietary judicial analytics to help better assess and understand the judge’s tendencies and fit
  • Expanded motion practice analytics covering the litigation histories of millions of litigants and hundreds of thousands of lawyers and law firms
  • Integration of new data sets, including industry categories, so users can track litigation behaviors of banking, automotive, insurance, retail and other industries
  • Updated user interface to support better data access, readability and clarity
  • The option to get custom dashboards keyed to specific law firms, litigants or jurisdictions, so the most relevant information will always be front and center
  • Major infrastructural enhancements providing faster updates and more accurate data than ever before



Gavelytics’s new release delivers insights that inform and empower litigators, law firms, and corporate legal departments across a number of use cases:

  • Build new internal applications powered by the Gavelytics’s litigation analytics API
  • Perform competitive analysis by studying the litigation activity of rival firms and parties, including analyzing the litigation client lists of law firms and the industries or jurisdictions in which law firms are most active
  • Write briefs customized to specific judges; find language a judge has found persuasive or adjust brief content based on the judge’s motion practice tendencies
  • Make decisions based on Gavelytics’s patented judge disqualification analytics
  • See the judge’s experience on particular case types or with particular parties or industries
  • Adjust settlement posture based on anticipated rulings or opposing counsel’s experience
  • Develop new business by showcasing unique expertise, local knowledge and foresight
  • Keep clients and stakeholders better apprised of potential motion and case outcomes

“Our latest release has major enhancements and exciting, new proprietary analytics,” says Rick Merrill, founder and CEO of Gavelytics.  “We’ve included all new data categories, interactivity and data customization so users can get a better experience with better data usability. The new Gavelytics litigation analytics API empowers thousands of law firms, corporate legal departments and other legal technology businesses to easily integrate our industry-leading litigation analytics into their workflows, internal applications, and customer-facing platforms. With the most powerful and accurate litigation analytics available on the market supported by our all-new infrastructure, we’re very proud of the value Gavelytics delivers to subscribers.”

About Gavelytics
Gavelytics provides law firms, corporate legal departments, insurance companies and other legal technology companies the best litigation analytics available today. Its proprietary, AI-powered platform reveals behaviors and tendencies of judges, law firms, lawyers, and litigants across hundreds of jurisdictions. Gavelytics was built by litigators for litigators, providing the best in litigation analytics. For more information, please visit

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