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G Suite FREE and promotional codes at Desamark and the benefits of the tool for companies

GSuite is a tool that helps improving the company’s productivity o and which many benefits. In addition, thanks to the promotion that they have in Desamark you will be able to try a few days of G Suite for FREE and if you decide to acquire it they also have promotional codes G Suite of 20% discount during the first year

GSuite Benefits for Improving Business Productivity:

– Own domain in the email: You can get a business email to give a professional look to a business and make customers trust you more.

– Access from anywhere: You can access GSuite from anywhere you have an Internet connection because it is hosted in the cloud.

– 24/7 Support: With GSuite, there is 24/7 customer support via email, phone, and chat.

– Additional security: With document management control of who makes changes and 2-step verification you have an important security layer that can be applied to all users, if the administrator decides to do so.

– Storage space: G Suite is a cloud-based platform, and comes with more storage for photos, files, documents and emails. The default storage for free Gmail accounts is 15GB. For G Suite Basic, it’s 30GB per user. Unlike the free Google Account, which has limited storage, upgrading allows you to store as much detail as you want.

G Suite FREE
Thanks to the promotion that they have in Desamark you can try a few days of GSuite for free, you have all the information in this link:

Promotional code G Suite
If after trying the GSuite tool, you like it and want to purchase it, they also have coupons for 20% discount promotional codes applicable during the first year. If you are interested, you can request one here:

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