SocialBox.Biz has teamed up with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, businesses, and charities to improve the lives of the homeless, refugees, and elderly in a big way.

London, the United Kingdom,  After years of pushing their Laptops for the Homeless Initiative, SocialBox.Biz has engaged Fortune 500 companies in 2019, securing unneeded laptops and other accessories to help those in need today.

Landing a partnership with BP, one of the worlds biggest multinational oil companies, SocialBox.Biz continues to receive press coverage regarding their laptop handovers that occur in coordination with accommodation charities.

At the same time, companies like Legal & General are highlighting the importance of this kind of selfless endeavor as they share their contentment and happiness working with SocialBox.Biz on their social media accounts.

Lastly, Aviva, a major UK insurer and financial services provider, announced their commitment to supporting the community initiatives and laptop handovers sanctioned by SocialBox.Biz. The news graced Bloomberg this week.

SocialBox.Biz works with just as many charities, like the New Horizon Charity, as a means to handover the laptops in a productive manner. Considering homeless also need internet access to use the laptops, SocialBox.Biz carefully places the laptops in accommodation services so donors can rest assured their items are being put to good use. From the Passage Charity, to C4WSCamden, SocialBox.Biz has been working incredibly hard to grow their charity outreach network for the future today.

Coverage doesnt just stop with companies. Videos, articles, and posts are being shared across social media today highlighting the SocialBox.Biz process, and how they are helping those in dire need of access to the internet. One partnering company, Regus, uploaded a video that highlights the SocialBox.Biz campaign, and the lives impacted today. With almost 1,000-views and counting, the mission behind SocialBox.Biz has nearly gone viral this year, benefiting homeless youth, refugees and the elderly in UK and beyond.

In many instances, companies, CEOs, and charities want to do the right thing; they just dont know where to turn, said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. We have worked tremendously hard in our outreach to bring the solution to these entities, taking what they dont need and making something incredible in return.

SocialBox.Biz is also receiving partnership support from People with Chemistry Recruitment, Upper Street Events, HIT TRAINING Ltd.,, Pret, EDF Energy, Inmarsat, Rio Tinto, and Old Mutual. All participating companies and charities are pledging their support to

ocialBox.Biz on their social media accounts presently.

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