Free Legal Consultation for Denied Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Claims

Aug 25, 2020 8:00 PM ET

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iCrowd Newswire - Aug 25, 2020
  • released a compilation of resources about different business insurance policies as concerns COVID-19 coverage
  • included information on how businesses can get free legal consultation for unjustly denied insurance claims
  • also presented information on the different business insurance COVID-19 claims and legislation of U.S. states, an insurance education website for insurance consumers, has released a compilation of information and resources about Business Insurance in relation to COVID-19, to educate business owners on what steps they can take to claim their business interruption insurance urgent support for COVID-related business losses throughout these pressing times.

Insuranks also provides details on how business owners can get free legal consultation from lawyers that will investigate their policies for free to see if their claims were unjustly denied by their insurers and information on the policies of different states in the U.S. regarding COVID-19 business insurance relief and claims.

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The main goal of is to help people and businesses “find, compare, and pick the cheapest quotes and best coverages from the best insurers,” especially one that is COVID-19 friendly. As an extension of this mission during this global pandemic, also made it easier for business owners to connect with lawyers and legal groups who can check if their existing insurance policies include Business Interruption Insurance Coverage. These lawyers and legal groups can also investigate, free of charge, if COVID-19-related claims have been wrongfully denied. Active links to forms and additional information on how to get free legal consultation are on the website’s page that contains Business Insurance COVID-19 Resources.

The same web page covers relevant information on the different policies and legislation that various states in the U.S. have in place as well as their response to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly on the local business landscape. Active links on the website page can also redirect visitors to the corresponding website of each state listed should they wish to read more, as well as contact details of related government departments and local law firms.

Businesses that already have an insurance policy that includes coverage for loss, damage, and other issues related to COVID-19 and have yet to file a claim are strongly advised to file a claim now. However, for those who do not have such insurance in place, it is highly recommended that they immediately seek out a good Business Owners Policy that has COVID-19 coverage. To help business owners decide on this, provided an up-to-date guide that not only compares good business insurance coverage options but also presents which of those options are the most affordable. Said guide contains details such as how much the average business insurance cost per month of each business insurance company and for which type of business it is best suited. is an online educational insurance comparison website that ranks insurance companies based on customer experiences and helps insurance consumers become more conscious and make better, cheaper, easier, smarter and friendlier insurance experiences.

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