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Four Tips to Making the Best of your Forster Great Lakes Houseboat Vacation

Over the past months, many families and groups of friends have been longing to get out and about and enjoy what nature has to offer. Instead of booking expensive flights, and battling endless check-in lines, overcrowded airport lounges, and hour-long waits around a baggage carousel wheel, why not rent houseboats in NSW and experience a watery vacation this year? Watch marine wildlife, take in gorgeous sun rises and sunsets, get barbecuing with friends…and even enjoy trekking onshore.  

Plan Not to be Disappointed

Depending on the houseboat you rent, most everything you need for your river vacation – fridge, 4-burner gas stove with grill and oven, pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc., you’ll find on-board. However, it’s wise to plan first, to make the most of your trip. Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

– Book ahead 

Summertime is typically a busy season for most houseboat operators. However, it’s amazing how many deals there are all-season-long, even during Winter! Families and parties of friends and colleagues rush to hire houseboats in NSW, so they can enjoy the natural beauty in and around Forster Great Lakes…and beyond. To avoid disappointment, the secret is to book early, so you can get the boats of your choice. 

– Choose wisely 

The type of boat you rent makes all the difference to your houseboat vacation experience. A 33′ houseboat is great for up to 6 people, while a 45′ houseboat is good for up to 10 people. If you’ve got a party of up to 12 individuals, then consider renting a Yellow Luxury BBQ Party Boat. 

– Decide on service levels  

You don’t have to be a master mariner to make the most of the houseboats in NSW. In fact, you won’t even need a license to drive your rented boat. Prior to departure, boat hirers get a full Houseboat Hire driver and Houseboat operation briefing. Amongst other topics covered include a safety briefing and comprehensive checklist. In case you’re wondering if you can pull it off – don’t worry! A commercially qualified Captain is on hand to make sure you are confident and good to go.

Typically, this is the service level you’ll need to get you and your party members off to a great start. However, if you’re the “laid back” type, and don’t really care to be the captain of your own river cruise, then you should consider opting for the Full-Service experience.  While you and your party enjoy the trips and sights, private Captains will drive and anchor the rented the houseboats in NSW in the recommended locations. 

– Plan your homecoming: 

To make your houseboat vacation go smoothly, without a hitch, it’s important to plan things down to the last detail – including your return trip to the Boatshed, where you’ll disembark, unload, and head on home.  Typically, vacationers arrange this homecoming time slot with the houseboat rental company in advance, before you begin your vacation. 

However, like many things in life, your plans may change, and you may need to make that homecoming trip at a time other than what was initially booked.  Because docking slots might be busy, or pre-booked by other vacationers or suppliers, it’s always prudent to give Boatshed operators advance notice of any change in plans. Ideally, operators of houseboats in NSW require at least 2-hours prior notice to ensure your arrival goes smoothly, and without stress. 


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