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For great music, go to VUMU MUSIC! Listen to your favorite radio stations ABSOLUTELY FREE!

With the development of technology, the culture of listening to music is changing, on which the entire world music industry directly depends. Today, the music business thrives not by selling songs on physical media and in digital format, but through streaming platforms such as  Vumu Music.

In many respects, it was streaming that determined the phenomenal growth of revenues from music recorded in the United States – by 18% in the first half of 2019. More than a million new users subscribe to streaming services every month.

Constantly analyzing and understanding global technology trends, the international company Vuuzle Media Corp Limited develops progressive and promising projects related to the Internet, media, and cryptocurrency. In particular, Vuuzle Media Corp Limited is implementing projects such as streaming service Vuuzle.TV, modern Vuuzle Dubai Studios, licensed in the UAE Vuuzle Film Production, music application Vumu Music, an application for artificial intelligence called Clout 9, game application Gamevuu, a modern online platform with a wide range of products from the world’s best brands  The Dubai Shopping Channel, as well as the Vuco Coin token and the blockchain platform for cryptocurrency trading Cryptocaptrades.

Today we will talk about the music application Vumu Music, where you can play thousands of popular songs from around the world for FREE!

Vumu Music is a huge, easy-to-use music library. The design includes “playlists”, where you can listen to the song, go to the artist’s album or find similar singles.

In this music application, you can listen to radio tracks because Vumu Music has the best radio stations in the world. The playlists of the application are constantly updated with trendy songs. VUMU Music users can play their favorite hits in as many as 40 categories: hip-hop, classical, pop, rock, country, electronic music, etc.

Vumu Music radio stations and playlists are constantly updated with trendy songs. Recently, 2 stations appeared in the application: contemporary/smooth jazz station and 80’s rock station.


  • Top 40
  • Rap (Explicit)
  • New Country
  • Creators Choice
  • Old School Rap
  • 90 R&B
  • Smooth Jazz
  • 80’s rock
  • Christian – Top 40
  • Latin – Top 40

Download VUMU And Start Your Listening Experience Now!

VUMU Music can also be found on almost all popular social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The Hot 40 Chart – a selection of the best songs of today – is published daily on the pages of VUMU Music on social networks! So become part of the VUMU Music team! Subscribe and like.

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Agree, music occupies an important place in our lives because it is strongly associated with the emotions we feel. Agree, in a certain period of time we listen to music that we choose according to the mood. Different life situations affect our emotions: when they are positive, music enhances the effect of happiness, and when they are sad, it becomes a medicine for the soul.

Author: Ivanna Samotei // Chief Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist at Vuuzle Media Corp Limited

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