Football Season will soon be at its Peak

The College Football Bowl Season is upon us and there are some fantastic games coming up! Texas is well represented this year with the Baylor Bears taking on the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl, the Texas Longhorns get the No. 11 Utah Utes in the Alamo Bowl and Texas A&M will play the No. So let’s break down each game and make some predictions for the big Texas bowl games in 2019-2020. There is one key difference here to keep in mind. So the fact that the Aggies have been putting up 30 points per game against SEC opponents, to me is worth more than 33 per game against Big 12 opponents. That said, the Cowboys do run a very balanced attack. They put up around 227 yards per game through the air and then smash into the gut of the defense for 239 per game on the ground. But the Aggies have played No. There is nothing that the Cowboys can throw at them that they haven’t already been battle-tested for. The Utes are listed as seven-point favorites in their matchup with the Longhorns and unlike what we can say about the Big 12 vs. Utah is putting up 35 points per game and Texas is putting up 34. They have only allowed 13.23 per game. The Horns are allowing 28 and change. Texas is battle-tested, meeting both LSU and Oklahoma this season. As much as I would like to say that Texas wins this one, I think that Utah will get just enough clutch stops to keep ahead on the scoreboards. Mostly because Texas has been inconsistent on the defensive side of things. The Bulldogs are tough, but I believe Baylor has a real chance here. The blowout loss to LSU’s high-powered offense exposed the weakness in the Bulldog defense that Baylor can exploit. The thing is, Baylor’s D will have to hold up for four full quarters if they want to walk away with the win. And Baylor has played stout D, holding teams to 19 points per game. But, Georgia is no pushover, they have held SEC teams to 12.5 points per game. So, it will end up being a war of attrition and who last longest in the trenches.

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