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despite the fact that technology has provided us with freedoms we never previously had, many of us still spend hours in front of an office computer. One of the most commonly noticed impacts of office work is something called office syndrome. Office syndrome is when the muscles and bones start to develop pain from sitting at a computer for long periods. How to Cure or Reduce the Impact of Office Syndrome Depending on how many years you have been working at a computer station, you may or may not be able to fix the issues yourself. If you can’t leave your computer, adjust your position and do a little bit of stretching. Frequent breaks where you can move and leave the screen can help improve symptoms and your focus. Adjusting the area to fit your body size and seating will have benefits to your long term health. Check your sleeping position. By finding a good sleeping position, you can allow your muscles to relax more during the night. If you sleep badly, you amplify the effect of office syndrome. Massages can help with stretching out tired muscles and relieving stress. In this technology-rich culture, office syndrome is sadly becoming more common in and outside of the workplace. Even mobile devices and tablets can cause similar issues. When using a tablet or mobile, try not to arch over it, slouch in your seat, and be looking down at the device. This type of health issue is mostly caused by mobile phones and is often referred to as «text neck» or «turtle neck». If you simply can’t avoid working with technology, try to be aware of how you are sitting and standing.

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