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Fine Art Shippers Was Featured on RTVI with Marianna Minsker

Fine Art Shippers, an international art logistics company, was featured on RTVI, a New York-based Russian-language television network. Co-Founder of Fine Art Shippers, Oleg Kushnirskiy, was interviewed by the popular TV-presenter Marianna Minsker at the recent edition of TEFAF New York Fall, which was held in November 2019 at the Park Avenue Armory. Oleg Kushnirskiy talked about the nuances of art logistics and shared his company’s experience in this field. The full interview can be seen on RTVI’s YouTube channel and the official website of Fine Art Shippers.


Established in 1995, Fine Art Shippers is a full-service art logistics company specializing in handling and transporting objects of value. With headquarters in Midtown Manhattan and warehouse in Brooklyn, Fine Art Shippers serves the entire New York City area, providing collectors, auction houses, museums, dealers, galleries, and artists with professional services. These include art packing, art crating, art storage, art shuttle, art shipping, art insurance, art consultation, and complete implementation of art exhibitions from scratch to installation. Thanks to a wide network of national and international partners, Fine Art Shippers delivers art and antiques anywhere in the United States and worldwide, helping art aficionados sell, buy, and exhibit art without any geographical limits. The company is also present at all the major art fairs, including the prestigious TEFAF New York.




This past November, Oleg Kushnirskiy, Co-Founder of Fine Art Shippers, visited TEFAF New York Fall at the Park Avenue Armory. The show was a huge success, with so many curators, collectors, dealers, interior designers, and art enthusiasts in one place. TEFAF New York Fall was also attended by a number of TV presenters, including Marianna Minsker who is known for her insightful interviews with business entrepreneurs and politicians. Oleg Kushnirskiy met with Marianna Minsker to discuss art logistics, the cost of services, and the art shipping process on the whole. He also shared useful information on the terms and means of the international transportation of art.


While it was the first meeting between Marianna Minsker and Oleg Kushnirskiy, it was not for the first time that Fine Art Shippers was featured on RTVI. In June 2019, Co-Founder and CEO of the company, Ilya Kushnirskiy, gave an interview to Marianna Minsker art Art Basel, the most influential modern and contemporary art fair in the world. Mr. Kushnirskiy discussed the art market and shared several tips on how to handle and ship art safely. The interview is also available to the Russian audience on RTVI’s YouTube channel and the official website of Fine Art Shippers.


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