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Kirkland, WA. March 2, 2020.

The Flatbike Century fold-away road bike is an urban commuter’s dream come true. Designed for comfortable 100-mile rides, it is a performance road bike first. Then it folds in half two different ways to make cycling easier for all urban and suburban cyclists.

Created for road bike lovers.

Designed for comfortable 100-mile rides, the 22-lb Flatbike Century road bike includes features that serious cyclists expect of a performance road bike, including 2 x 11 Shimano 105 wide-range gearing, drop bars with cork tape, carbon fork and seat post, and 700c Shimano wheels with 28mm flat-resistant Gatorskin tires.

A. Flatbike Century road bike

And then … the Flatbike Century goes into unexplored territory with two unique features that make this bike unlike any on the market.

This bike is house-trained.

First, this bike folds combines a Revelo THINstem folding stem with Wellgo pop-off pedals.  A THINstem folds the handlebars 90 degrees in moments to make the Century as flat as possible. Fit it easily against any wall, such as the unused space next to a car in a garage, in a small room, or even in a hallway!

C. Flatbike Century wall fold

And the latching and locking pop-off pedals are so convenient, you’ll even find yourself quickly removing the inside pedal when walking your bike in a crowd–because knocked shins really aren’t necessary anymore. Or swap quickly between SPD and flat pedals.

B. Flatbike Century popoff pedals

Do you really want your nice bike hanging outside your car?

Second, this bike is built on a patented Changebike 733 double-butted aluminum frame that folds in half in seconds—down to 37” x 30” x 15”—without a cut or perforated top tube, hinge or weight penalty for folding. This fold-away bike is even ruggedness-certified to road bike standards (EN-14781).

D. Flatbike Century folded

Now, instead of driving to safe riding places with a valuable bicycle affixed to the outside of your car, out in the rain and highway grit, you can drive there with your bike secure and protected in your trunk. Or, if your bike is your primary transportation, now it can fit in apartment staircases and elevators, and even that cubicle at work. A fold-away bike offers cycling performance when you’re riding and cycling convenience when you’re not.

Folding bikes vs. a fold-away bike.

Folding bikes are optimized for fitting into the smallest possible spaces for a bike, such as a secondary bike carried in airline baggage, which requires 20″ wheels. While “gearing up” helps overcome some of the speed limitations of smaller wheels, they still handle differently from full-size wheels in everyday use, and a non-triangular frame with unsupported tubes will flex noticeably during climbing and descent.

fold-away bike, however, is optimized for the ride, making it ideal as a primary bike. Standard components such as 700c wheels make the feel familiar and spare tires and tubes easier to get. Yet a fold-away bike’s ability to fold in half also makes transportation and storage easier than with a typical bike. With no need for a car rack, any car can be “the bike car”. And with a “house-trained” bike that takes up less space inside, your bike can last longer and be a better return on your cycling investment.

Get your own Flatbike Century.

The Flatbike Century fold-away road bike is available now, at a price of $1,780. Visit for more information.

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Flatbike Inc. is a web-based retailer of bikes and components for making cycling easier. It is the US distributor for CHANGE bikes, as well as folding components for non-folding bikes. Flatbike is at and

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