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Fidelity Life Makes Term Life Insurance More Accessible and Affordable for Everyday Americans

Purchasing life insurance is a smart way to financially provide for your loved ones in the event of your death. Having a good policy in place ensures that you’re doing so cost-effectively and the insurer will have enough funds to pay the agreed-upon death benefit. In addition, it’s possible to choose the lowest premiums for your individual circumstances by shopping around for coverage.

The decision to purchase term life insurance is an important one. With most Americans needing affordable and accessible coverage regardless of their health and age, Fidelity Life term insurance can help provide protection.

How Fidelity Life Term Life Insurance Works

Fidelity Life makes it easy to find the life insurance quote that fits a unique individual’s needs. The streamlined process includes three easy-to-understand steps: finding a policy, getting a quote, and applying and buying. Best of all, every potential policyholder will have access to an agent to help guide them through the entire process.

Find a Policy

Finding the right policy sometimes requires a bit of searching. Luckily, Fidelity Life makes it easy with a fast, hassle-free process to secure a term policy based on partner status, dependents, lifestyle, and more.

Get a Quote

When the time comes to get a quote for a life insurance policy, the process couldn’t be more straight forward. All a person needs to do is input their circumstances, including sex, health, and financial details. From there, a quote will be generated automatically online, or choose to speak with an agent for more help crafting the perfect plan.

Apply and Buy

After narrowing down a plan that works for them, individuals can apply online for their insurance on the Fidelity Life website. Upon purchasing, coverage often begins the same day!

Benefits of Fidelity Life Term Life Insurance

There are several benefits to purchasing Fidelity Life insurance, including comprehensive purchasing options and the ability to tailor plans. Information on the unique benefits can be found below.


Whether purchasing life insurance at age 18 or 65, it’s essential to have options available when making that decision.

Similarly, people should be able to buy a plan despite health status or other markers that may be cause for denial by other life insurers. Fidelity Life makes life insurance more accessible for everyday Americans.


Term life insurance is generally the most affordable life insurance policy compared to whole life insurance.

Fidelity Life offers multiple term plans ranging in benefit amounts and term lengths to help fit any budget. In addition, plans can start as low as $15 a month for specific demographics, making it an affordable option for more budgets.

Policy Matching

It can be challenging to decide which plan is right for one person or another. Life insurance plans are highly individualistic and a personal choice.

Understandably, many questions arise during this process, including whether term life insurance is best and how much coverage is needed. The agents at Fidelity Life learn about an individual’s needs and help find the best policy for them.

The bottom line

Fidelity Life offers term life insurance and makes it easier for people to get coverage. Consumers can apply for a life insurance policy online or get help from a licensed agent with the application and purchasing process.