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Facebook and other tech giants could soon face a flood of court cases in Europe over data privacy – CNBC

Facebook and other U. S. tech giants could face a flurry of new cases in Europe regarding data privacy, after a top court said that any regulator in the region should be able to bring about new proceedings.

The EU implemented its General Data Protection Regulation in 2018, which gives citizens a greater say over how their data is used.

In this context, any privacy complaints against Facebook, for instance, would be sent to Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner given that the company’s European headquarters are in Dublin.

The advocate’s opinion is not binding, but is taken into consideration by ECJ judges, who are due to give a ruling on the case at a later stage.

“We are pleased that the Advocate General has reaffirmed the value and principles of the one-stop-shop mechanism, which was introduced to ensure the efficient and consistent application of GDPR.