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F.I.T. Resort Foundation Advocates For Ghanaian Underprivileged Youth

Leading nonprofit organization, F.I.T. Resort Foundation LBG empowers teenagers and young adults in Ghana. The foundation helps underprivileged youth overcome financial difficulty through education. 

Meverly Adjhei Benjamin Twum-Barimah and Samuel Twum-Barimah co-founded the foundation in 2021. Meverly is a Dutch entrepreneur, business and financial consultant, and author with Ghanaian roots who overcame financial struggles herself. Starting with humble beginnings in her childhood, Meverly witnessed a fair amount of financial hardship. From an early age, she witnessed social injustice and decided to dedicate her life to amending this imbalance by pursuing a career in law.

Deeply rooted in the belief that every child is precious and deserves a chance for a better life regardless of economic circumstances and background, the F.I.T. Resort Foundation is committed to fighting poverty. The foundation provides teenagers and young adults with scholarships and guidance to become financially independent. The co-founders, Meverly and Samuel have the vision to expand the reach foundation to the whole African continent and beyond. 

F.I.T. Resort Foundation’s core values are nurturing, education, inspiration, opportunity, and support. The co-founders believe that by alleviating financial struggle through education, they can reduce the rate of criminality among youth. Being a non-profit organization, F.I.T. Resort Foundation raises funds through crowdfunding to supply the youth with scholarships. The foundation also helps widowed women in Ghana who receive the least amount of attention and humanitarian help. 

By increasing the level of education and literacy among youth through scholarships, the foundation also helps young people to establish themselves as entrepreneurs capable of providing for their families and community. F.I.T. Resort Foundation not only thrives to eliminate poverty and criminal activities but also addresses the food shortage. In the long run, the organization is working on restoring farming, logistics, and infrastructure to boost the food industry

F.I.T. Resort Foundation is educating young minds by helping them learn essential skills such as money management and entrepreneurship. By addressing the root cause of poverty – eliminating financial illiteracy – the organization restores African communities. Raising a new generation of entrepreneurial talent, the foundation strengthens nations. 

About F.I.T. Resort Foundation

F.I.T. Resort Foundation was founded in 2021 to advocate for underprivileged youth in Ghana. The mission of Fit Resort Foundation is to create awareness and support for underprivileged street children across Ghana. Support this noble cause via GoFundMe.