Expectation To Find At A Junkyard

He old wrecked cars are also at varying stages of decay so they need to be sorted so that it’s easy to keep a record of what’s reusable and what’s not.

What surprising finds can I come across at a junkyard?

If you are a car enthusiast who buys non-running cars, you most probably know about the appeal of junkyards.

Police cars

A lot of the police cars you find in the junkyards are in relatively good shape. Junkyards acquire the police cars during public auctions where old damaged and high-mileage cars are disposed off.

Buses and fire trucks

Buses used for public transport and trucks have a life expectancy of about 10-15 years. A lot of old buses and fire trucks are sold to junkyards and recycled for scrap metals or sold as spare parts.

This also applies to school buses. The school buses may either be sold and reused for personal transport of sliced into smaller pieces with hydraulic cutters and then taken into the crusher for crushing into a more compact size.

Stolen cars

The cars were stolen and sold by criminals looking to make easy cash. A lot of these cars end up getting scrapped while others are resold to unsuspecting customers. If you own a junkyard, you should ask for proof of ownership from people who want to sell their junk cars.

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