Expectation During Ayahuasca Ceremony

ayahuasca ceremony It seems like everyone is getting in on the trend of attending ayahuasca ceremonies. If you’ve never heard of ayahuasca, it’s basically a medicinal plant found in the Amazon Peru in particular that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. This Caapis is blended with leaves that contain hallucinogenic properties and the end result is Ayahuasca. As for the Ayahuasca ceremony itself, it’s when someone drinks the tea blend under the supervision and guidance of a Shaman. The person enjoys a deep and meaningful connection to the universe around them which in turn gives them a deeper understanding of themselves. Ayahuasca is completely legal in the Amazon as it is indigenous there. If you’re considering trying an Ayahuasca ceremony for yourself then be prepared for an encounter with the divine or whatever you want to call it that resides beyond the scope of our limited minds and consciousness. There’s no telling what you may learn from the ceremony. Someone else that that particular ceremony said that their heart had been opened in ways they would never have believed possible. What you come out of the ceremony with may very well depend on what you go into it with. People refer to the Ayahuasca in the feminine. Those who undertake the ceremony several times should be aware that each experience is different. Each ceremony is a new stroke of paint on the overall picture that is your life. The experience of an Ayahuasca ceremony is beyond language. The ceremony will take place at night as users could be out for several hours. The Shaman at the ceremony will sing the Icaros. These songs will enhance the visionary effects of the Ayahuasca, known as the mareacin. You should stick to a recommended dieta before the ceremony. If not, then the plants involved in the ceremony will help to get rid of the chemicals the salt and sugar and caffeine, etc. from your body. The good news is that if you are already clean when you enter the ceremony then there’s nothing to purge so nothing will happen. Something else that may happen during the ceremony is that you come to understand everything that your senses perceive to be true could be false . It’s possible that the Ayahuasca will open the Doors of Perception in your mind, as described by Aldous Huxley when he took mescaline. The ceremony will take away your subjective self for a brief while and connect you to the infinite «other» to give you a true reflection of the world around you. After the purging and overall ceremony is complete you may discover that you have a fresh and brighter perspective on an otherwise once-mundane reality. It is important that you choose a respected and trusted Shaman. Do a little research of your own and learn more about the Shaman and ceremony. Ayahuasca ceremonial retreats, much like the meditation and yoga retreats before them, have found a home in the wellness community.

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