Exercises for weight loss on the electric treadmill

You already own a versatile electric treadmill but do not know how to practice to lose weight effectively? Don't worry too much because the following electric treadmill jogging exercises will give you extremely helpful suggestions. In fact, owning a slim body as expected is anyone's dream. At this point, applying the right diet and practicing hard is the right choice you should apply. In the past, using an electric treadmill has been and is the solution to be found by people who want to lose weight at home. However, how to lose weight effectively on an electric treadmill is not simple. Let's find out 1. Principles to remember to lose weight effectively Before diving into the exercise of weight loss jogging, what you need to consider are the basic principles of effective weight loss with an electric treadmill. Specifically, you need to make sure that your heart rate is in the fat burning zone during exercise (min 30 minutes). To calculate your heart rate, you should rely on the following formula: + For men, maximum heart rate = (220 - years) X (60% -> 90%) + For women, maximum heart rate = (226 - years) X (60% -> 90%) Example: If you are female, 40 years old and want to go jogging to lose weight. At this point, you need to maintain a heart rate of (226-40) x 60% = 111. Currently, commercial electric treadmill products are available to allow the practitioner to add age and weight information in the console before starting a workout. From here, you can use heart rate and running speed tracking to fine-tune your training routine.

2. How can an electric treadmill help with weight loss?

Weight loss jogging exercises are known for their ability to drain energy, help muscles add toning as well as reduce fat for slim waist and body fat with high efficiency. It is important to find yourself the right exercise. However, before that, you need to refer to owning an electric treadmill with the convergence of all necessary features. Prioritize machines with large engines, wide conveyors because this not only creates comfort, but also enhances load capacity when exercising. Buy a quality electric treadmill: May chay bo dien.

3. Weight loss jogging exercises on the electric treadmill

If you have not found the right weight loss exercise on the electric treadmill, the following suggestion will be the solution you should apply. + First, warm up before each training session by maintaining at 4 - 6 km / h for 5-7 minutes. During the warm-up process, take a deep breath as well as get familiar with the machine to change the functions and exercise program as desired. + To lose weight effectively, you continue to speed up and change the tilt of the machine. On the screen the device will display heart rate as well as calories burned, how much distance is running. Typically, you can set an electric treadmill incline from 0% to 10%. However, in the warm-up phase you should set 0% and then gradually increase it to 2% or 3% throughout the training process. + After running for about 30 minutes, take the last 5 or 10 minutes to gradually slow down the exercise speed and bring the tilt to flat mode. This is the necessary time for your muscles to recover and relax. At the end of the session, you can look at the electric treadmill screen to see the training results. To lose weight with the electric treadmill, do a lot of jogging for about 30 minutes / day, schedule 3-4 days / week.

4. Take advantage of some of the extensive exercises on the electric treadmill

In addition to weight loss jogging exercises, for those who want to own a toned round, full abs, you can use some other features on the versatile electric treadmill such as: + Abdominal crunching exercises: This is the part that is usually equipped with a home electric treadmill. Thanks to the support of the abdominal flex bar, use both hands to place the temples, the legs are placed in the center of the belly flex bar and then get up with strength. If you practice hard, you will soon have toned abs and flat belly. + Massage exercise: This exercise is often chosen by women. Through massage, your body will burn energy and lose weight rapidly. Depending on the person's body type, you can choose between different levels of vibration, focusing on the abdomen, shoulders, neck and waist. The above is a simple, effective weight loss electric treadmill exercise that anyone can choose and apply for themselves. I hope you all soon achieve your goals and have your own neat and satisfactory body. Elipsport Sports Group will always bring you the most up-to-date information for your health and fitness issues. Thank you for accompanying us throughout the process of training and protecting your health.

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