Everything You Need to Understand Before Making a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Philadelphia

Economic indicators relevant to Philadelphia show that total compensation costs for workers in the city increased by 2.5% since 2020, and payroll employment increased by 916,000. Philadelphia has its guidelines for compensating workers who suffered workplace injuries. A workers' compensation attorney Philadelphia can guide you through them. Filing for a workers' compensation claim by yourself without the help of a reputed attorney may be difficult since the provisions are elaborate and detailed. The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act governs employers in Philadelphia. The Act provides compensation and benefits to injured employees.

Report the Injury to Your Employer

You are required to report your injury within 120 days to your employer. The employer should notify the workers' compensation insurance company. The employers and insurance company should approve or deny your injury in 21 days. You may also want to ensure you document the evidence of your injury. If your employer doesn't prescribe a doctor within 90 days, you may choose your doctor.

What Benefits Are You Entitled To

The claim may be discharged in a month if the insurance company approves it. Workers are entitled to the following benefits:

Medical Benefits

The insurance company compensated the employee's medical expenses and bills. The worker may have to submit proof of treatment and bills to the insurance company. An experienced workers' compensation attorney in Philadelphia can help you file for benefits as required by the regulations. The lawyer will help you draft your request, advise you on what evidence to submit, and fill the necessary forms.

Other Benefits

If an employee dies on account of a workplace injury, the employee's family is entitled to benefits and compensation. The benefits would depend on whether the employee suffered a temporary disability, temporary partial disability, permanent total disability, or permanent partial disability. The doctor determines the level of disability.

Loss of Salary

Employees who sustain workplace injuries will be unable to resume work till they get better. If the worker suffers a wage loss due to the disability, the worker is paid 2/3 of his/her salary as benefits. Specific injuries like amputations, hearing and vision impairment, face disfigurement, etc., are eligible for separate benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

If your workplace injury resulted in the loss of employment, you are entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits. The insurance company provides for training and rehabilitation measures. Permanent disability benefits are paid to any employee who is disabled to the extent they are unable to resume work.

Common Workplace Injuries

Corporates and other organizations in Philadelphia employ thousands of employees in different sectors like technology, biotechnology, engineering, financial services, management services, etc. Slip and fall accidents are the most prominent of all workplace injuries. Other injuries include injury from being hit by a moving vehicle or object, electricity-related accidents, accidents involving heavy machinery, etc.

Find a Good Lawyer

Philadelphia has a total population of around 1,584,064 and is the sixth most populous city in the US. Several corporate giants, including five Fortune 1000 companies, have their base in the city. Philadelphia has an estimated GMP of $490 Billion. Work injuries can occur in any organization regardless of its size and global popularity. Working with an expert attorney can help ease the legal process's strain related to workers' compensation claims.

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