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Event Sponsorship Benchmarks Report Details How To Succeed In Sponsorship Marketing At Intercept Venues

Essential insights for experiential marketers looking to create effective, efficient, and memorable consumer events at intercept venues. Find out how to design, measure, and quantify customer interactions. Make your budget work harder and grow your brand at the same time.


Portland, ME, USA – PortMA’s Event Sponsorship Benchmarks: Intercept Venues report gives marketing professionals insights into how to design and implement event measurement strategies that deliver outstanding results.

The publication is a critical tool for marketers looking to demonstrate the value of experiential marketing. Since the advent of cost-effective digital marketing activities, brand teams have had to prove the return-on-investment that events can deliver. PortMA’s report gives experiential marketing professionals the knowledge they need to capture their event ROI.

The report defines the most effective benchmarks to help measure the outcome of consumer activations and event impressions, driving future event strategies.

Its findings are based on nearly 50,000 post-sponsorship engagement interviews with consumers who attended over 8,600 sponsorship event days. PortMA’s report includes insights from a wide variety of intercept venues. These include colleges and universities, office parks, and commuter stations. The benchmarks report also covers retail locations and street intercepts.

Altogether, the results and recommendations are based on over 1.8 million total event sponsorship consumer interactions. Throughout the interactions, field staff distributed more than 1.2 million samples.

The wide range of locations and large number of interactions make it easy to adapt PortMA’s findings to events focusing on product sampling.

Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA, says: “We strongly believe that experiential marketing at intercept venues is an excellent way for brands to connect with consumers.”

“Sampling events are highly effective if they are designed well and measured with purpose. Using the resources in this report will help marketers demonstrate the ROI of their events even more clearly.”

Experiential marketers will be able to use the findings to convince stakeholders of the value of their campaigns. In addition, they have all the information they need to negotiate better agreements with venues and other partners. Most importantly, by establishing the right key performance indicators (KPIs), event marketers can continuously evaluate a campaign’s performance and adjust it as needed.

Purchasing the report gives marketers access to an indexed PDF with detailed event sponsorship findings. In addition, buyers also gain access to a proprietary ROI model developed by PortMA’s experts. Extensive data tables and an executive summary are also part of the package.


PortMA is a full-service market research firm that uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers, and leading brands.

For more information about the contents of the Event Sponsorship Benchmarks: Intercept Venues Report from PortMA, please visit this link or contact the sales team directly using the information below.



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