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ESG communications – Time to re-evaluate your press release service

Please point me to a more significant more influential trend in corporate communications in the last two decades, in fact; you have to go back to October 2000 when the SEC implemented Regulation FD which only affected publicly traded companies listed on US Exchanges to find something even remotely similar to what ESG is doing to corporate communications and disclosure worldwide. ESG reporting, compliance, and communications transcend borders, languages, includes private companies, and is in the news daily in the US, EU, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, India, and Canada to name a few economies where not only regulators but also investors and consumers alike are demanding reporting.

An ETF Trends article on says, “Over 70 private equity firms have signed an agreement to collect and report data on emissions, workplace fatalities, and gender diversity on the boards of companies contained in their portfolios. This move could help push regulatory talks forward in Washington, reports Bloomberg. The initial group committing to data gathering was created by the California Public Employees’ Retirement System and Carlyle Group Inc. and has since seen firms such as Oaktree Capital Management, Apollo Global Management, and Ares Management Corp. join. The private equity industry is notorious for cost-cutting and adding debt to companies, and the move could bring transparency and a provision of proof that these companies can be profitable while minding their sustainability and social costs.

“We want our LPs to hold us accountable for our ESG outcomes, and having a common set of metrics facilitates that,” said Priya Prasad Bowe, head of ESG at Oaktree. The coalition has agreed to standardize how ESG reporting is done, something that lacks any type of guidance or regulation from Washington for now. Included with the 70 private equity firms that have joined since the fall of last year are almost 40 institutional investors as well, bringing assets of the group to $8.7 trillion. With such a sizable portion of private equity, it should provide more clout in Washington regarding ESG reporting and standardization with regulations. Last March saw the acting SEC Commission Chair Allison Herren Lee asking for input from the industry as to the disclosures private companies were making regarding their climate practices and data”.

Still don’t believe me, contact Dave Armon at 3BL Media (CSR wire invented the segment 15 years ago), or Gregg Castano and Neil Hershberg at NewsDirect (former Business Wire CEO and SVP), or Abel Clark (current Cision CEO), or read Cision’s great paper on the State of the Press Release 2021. Better yet, on Tuesday, February 1, iCrowdNewswire and Nexis Newswire will launch our ESG Suite with state-of-the-art press release distribution and monitoring analytics built for ESG communications and provided by Google. ESG communications demand global reach, and our platforms provide issuers the ability to choose from 11 million websites worldwide to promote their releases, and it’s not just the ability to publish on impossible sites to get from any other wire; issuers can choose a specific section in the web sites. Can your press release service guarantee specific sections on websites? Choose from 3 million sites in the US, 700,000 plus in the United Kingdom, and much more.

Put your release on The Wall Street Journal ESG Report, Forbes Sustainability, the Guardian CSR or the BBC Climate, or additional premium websites in the UK, EU, and Asia without buying extra geographic circuits, all releases are distributed in 9 languages and Google, and Amazon voice devises for one flat fee. You will pay exactly the one-time, flat fee you start with, no membership fees, no charges for images or logos, and no additional costs for additional global regions. Google Analytics reporting is included.

Don’t get the value of Amazon, Google, Apple, or Microsoft voice distribution? Keep an eye out for the Metaverse; you may want to follow Microsoft’s Metaverse business solutions developments. We will be there, will you?

The ETF Trends article on continued, “members of the group will be collecting various ESG metrics that have been agreed upon, such as certain types of emissions, and then a third party will collate the data and create benchmarks from it. They have also created an investor template for requesting the information from asset managers, with Bloomberg LP being a provider of ESG data. If people want any changes to be made to the ESG metrics, a majority vote would be required. State Street Global Advisors offers a number of ESG-focused funds with a variety of strategies and exposures. Funds include the newly launched SPDR S&P SmallCap 600 ESG ETF (ESIX), the SPDR Bloomberg SASB Developed Markets Ex US ESG Select ETF (RDMX), and the SPDR Bloomberg SASB Emerging Markets ESG Select ETF (REMG).

For more news, information, and strategy, visit the ESG Channel.

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