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Eric Lindstrom Utah Photography Tips to Help You Start Taking Better Photos

Taking photos has become easier than ever these days with the ubiquity of digital cameras, smartphones, and simple editing software.

But while anyone can learn the basics of how to use their camera or how to use an app, taking truly great photos requires real skill and practice.

As per Eric Lindstrom, Utah novice photographers just starting out in photography can consider the following tips to help them take better pictures right away.

The Importance of Good Light

Good lighting is the single most important aspect of photography. The old adage you can fix it in the post is not true and you will be unhappy with your photos if they are not well-lit.

When shooting indoors, find a window with daylight coming through and use it as your main light source.

If there isn’t enough natural light coming in, use an artificial light that has a wide diffuser, like a softbox, to create softer shadows. Place the artificial light opposite your subject for the best results.


Experiment with different compositions, angles, and focal lengths so you can get a feel for what works best for you.

Just remember that composition is about more than just where you put your subject in the frame—it also includes what’s happening around it.

If you want something really eye-catching, focus on one area in the foreground or background instead of trying to cram everything into one shot.

If you’re trying to capture movement, experiment with panning shots or using motion blur if it looks like your subject is moving quickly enough.

Experiment with Low Light Photography

Experimenting with low-light photography can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Shooting in low light will force you to think creatively, and learn how different settings affect the mood or atmosphere of an image.

Find a subject with interesting shapes, textures, or colors that stand out when the lighting is dim. Experiment with using your camera’s built-in flash by turning it on and off during the shoot.

The flash will create different shadows and effects depending on how close or far away from your subject you are when you snap a photo.

Try Different Perspectives

One of the most important parts of taking a photo is the angle you choose. If you’re shooting a candid, try kneeling down and positioning your camera at eye level.

For portraits, you can try getting on their level and shooting upward. Try different perspectives with flowers too! Get really close or tilt your lens so that they’re shot from an angle.

Take Lots of Pictures

Take lots of pictures, says Eric Lindstrom. If you see something interesting in Utah or wherever you are, take the photo, right away. If you happen to capture a moment that speaks to you in some way, keep it and revisit it later.

Remember that there is no such thing as a bad photo – every photograph has the potential for beauty and meaning.


So, now you have the basics on how to take better photos. Remember that these photography tips are just guidelines and everyone has their own methods of taking pictures. Experiment with different settings and angles and find what works for you.

Have fun, be creative, and don’t give up!

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