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Ensuring your Disinfection Strategies Work: Why you should buy hypochlorous acid making capability

While many other disinfectant products are available to homeowners, business, and healthcare facilities, including chemical-based peroxides, chlorine bleach, and a variety of quats, hypochlorous acid sanitizer – also known as HOCL or Electrolyzed water – is a proven, cost-effective, and non-toxic alternative. With private enterprises and governments now mandating better health and cleaning protocols, it’s become even more apparent that enhanced disinfection protocols will require more resources.  A switch to HOCL is the answer. Best of all, now high-quality HOCL making machines make it’s simple and easy to produce it inhouse!

Making the Right Choice

Many businesses, such as restaurants, gyms, bars, and health care clinics, can’t afford to keep their guests, patrons and patients waiting, while staff deploy enhanced cleaning protocols. That’s one of the challenges that business owners can address when they buy hypochlorous acid for use in their disinfection strategies. Unlike some chemical-laced disinfectants, like bleach, HOCL does not leave a film of toxic chemicals behind.

Imagine dousing gym equipment, or reusable medical devices, with a healthy spray of chlorine bleach, and then waiting several minutes before dry or wet-wiping the residue off. That means the equipment – tables, chairs, cutlery, examination furniture and devices, wheelchairs, exercise equipment – can’t be immediately used upon completing the initial disinfection protocols. A secondary rinse/wipe is necessary, which delays service times.  

For most businesses therefore, HOCL is the right choice.

To Buy or to Make? That is the Question

When you use HOCL, because of its a non-chemical formulation, there are no secondary protocols involved. Hypochlorous acid sanitizer is safe for the environment immediately upon application. And in most cases, its immunization effect is almost immediate – in 30-seconds in some instances.  Even in food-based industries, where fresh produce requires cleaning and disinfecting, an HOCL solution rinse is safe, and does not require a secondary wash before fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry produce are used. HOCL is a food-safe disinfectant.

With the demand for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection products and supplies only set to rise, businesses are likely to experience a corresponding increase in costs. Some business owners may think that buying in bulk, and storing a large supply of disinfectant in-house may be the answer. It’s not! There’s a cost associated with storing those supplies. 

And then, there’s a cost associated with tying-up funds in inventory. And, there may also be a cost when inventory goes bad after its “best before” date. Making your own is the answer.

Becoming Self-sustaining

But it’s not just the cost hurdle that’ll impact business operations – when you buy hypochlorous acid, in retail or commercial packaging, you’re likely to face a supply challenge too. With so many finished products, as well as many additives and raw materials imported from overseas, retailers and wholesalers are now challenged to maintain adequate amounts of stock. This means that, if you run low on your supply of HOCL, your disinfection strategy may be impacted.

That’s why the better alternative is not to buy the product, but to buy the capability to make your own product. By investing in HOCL machines, businesses can produce unlimited quantity of hypochlorous acid sanitizer, on-premises, and become self-sustaining in their needs. You’ll never worry about supply chain issues or running out. Best of all, the issue of “best before” goes away, because you can produce your HOCL on demand.