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Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Forecast to Reach $780 Million by 2025

emergency beacon transmitter market forecast to reach 780 million by 2025

Emergency Beacon Tra

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 2, 2021  8:00 AM ET

Global Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market is forecast to reach $780 Million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 4.2% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. Rising technological growth along with increasing demands from aviation sector are some of the major factors fuelling the growth of emergency beacon transmitter market. Stringent governmental regulations towards improving airplane safety standards have been also creating high demands in the emergency beacon transmitter market. Rising maritime and aviation accidents has been also causing a positive impact on the high adoptability of emergency beacon transmitters.

Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Segment Analysis – By Technology

On the basis of technology, emergency beacon transmitters are segmented under analog and digital. Digital technology based beacon transmitters are anticipated to cause significant market growth during the forecast period 2020-2025.Growing digitalization has highly contributed towards helping digital electronic devices to gain popularity across various applications. Since leveraging digital technology within emergency beacons helps in offering higher frequency alerts along with optimum power capacity, thus creates its major deployment across various demanding applications. Moreover, digital beacon transmitters have been getting highly adopted across aviation, military and other end use applications due to its capability of offering more accurate, reliable and faster security alerts and observations compared to analog ones, thus improving security and surveillance standards.. Additionally, digital emergency beacon transmitters leverages on digital signal with addition of technologies such as GPS and many others, which help the users to encode the distress signals much easily and effectively, thus causing major dominance across SAR applications. Such factors have been creating a positive impact on the market growth of digital emergency beacon transmitters.

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Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

North America is expected to have a major growth in the global emergency beacon transmitter market during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. High investments towards research and development activities along with technological advancements to improve emergency situational risks have been fuelling the growth for emergency beacon transmitter market in this region. Presence of key players such as ACK Avionics Technologies Inc. and ACR Electronics Inc. has been causing a positive impact on the high dominance in the emergency beacon transmitter market. Stringent governmental regulations in U.S towards installation of emergency beacon transmitters in aircrafts have been also propelling the market demands causing significant growth in the region.

Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Drivers

Growing demands in aviation sector

The rising demand from aviation industry towards emergency beacon transmitter has been acting as a major growth driver for causing significant market growth. Deployment of emergency beacon transmitters has been increasing in aircrafts, as it helps in conducting faster search and rescue operations of aircraft wreckage and its occupants in times of accidents across remote locations. Moreover, such faster identification of aircraft wreckages helps in increasing the survival chances of the passengers along with minimizing risks for SAR aircraft pilots with generally operating over mountainous terrains or marginal weather conditions. Such factors have been causing high adoption of emergency beacon transmitters to handle rising rate of aviation accidents more effectively, thus driving its market growth. Stringent governmental regulations towards ensuring aviation safety concerns have been also propelling the market demands towards emergency beacon transmitter. As a part of this, FAA has adopted NASA’s SAR recommendations regarding installation and maintenance of emergency locator transmitters to be installed in planes in order to improve aviation safety. Such factors are anticipated to boost high demands for emergency beacon transmitters across aviation applications.

Rising technological growth

Rising technological growth has been acting as one of the major driving factor towards causing significant growth in emergency beacon transmitter market.With technological advancements and digitalization, adoption of emergency beacon transmitters has been gaining much popularity among various demanding applications. Smartphone connectivity is a major factor towards causing high adoption across military and aviation sectors, as it helps the end user to keep live tracking of the security threats, thus improving the operational activities..Due to rising demands towards efficient portable security devices, various device manufacturers have been shifting their focus towards developing handheld transmitters with lightweight designs, thus creating higher dominance for emergency beacon transmitters. Moreover, combining advanced GPS applications and signal processing has been helping to offer highly precised security and surveillance options, thus driving its market growth. Usage of advanced technologies such as IoT and many others have been helping in offering real time accurate security tracking, thus enhancing the security and protection standards, thus servicing major demands in highly critical environments.

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Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Challenges

High Costs

High costs related to installation and maintenance has been acting as a major challenge towards hampering the market growth of emergency beacon transmitter. With growing technological advancements, manufacturers have been designing such transmitters with incorporating advanced components to improve efficiency, which ultimately adds to the high installation price of the transmitters. Since such transmitters are highly deployed across highly critical environments such as defense, aviation and many others, regular inspection and maintenance becomes essential to avoid malfunctioning or defects in the long run. Moreover, the battery used in such transmitters is prone to high wear and tear, which can affect its usability and thus cause need for maintenance and repair. Such factors have been contributing towards high price of emergency beacon transmitters, thus restraining its growth and adoption from various end users.

Emergency Beacon Transmitter Market Landscape

Partnerships and acquisitions along with product launches are the key strategies of the players in the emergency beacon transmitter market. The major key players in the emergency beacon transmitter market include ACK Avionics Technologies Inc., McMurdo Group, ACR Electronics Inc., Orolia S.A, Cobham Plc, Meggitt Plc, Emergency Beacon Corporation, Thales Group, HR Smith Group and Astronics Corporation.

Partnerships/Product Launches/Acquisition

In June 2019, Orolia had launched an emergency locator transmitter named Kannad Ultima-S specifically for use in commercial aircrafts. This emergency locator transmitter was designed to be installed across the cabin of commercial aircrafts or in its life raft with capability of notifying crew about SAR operations through Galileo return link service. The compact and rugged transmitter helps in detecting aircraft’s location faster and was designed with compliance towards lithium battery regulations to avoid battery fire risks.

In April 2019, Astronics Corporation had announced an upgraded emergency locator transmitter named SRB-406G S-Type ELT for use in aircraft life rafts.This transmitter was designed with incorporating GPS technology in order to offer satellite based position assistance during search and rescue operations.

Key Takeaways

Digital technology is expected to have a major market share during the forecast period 2020-2025 in the emergency beacon transmitter market owing to its capability of providing much faster and accurate information.

Presence of some players such as ACK Avionics Technologies Inc. and ACR Electronics Inc. has been fuelling the market growth of emergency beacon transmitter in North America.

Increasing demands from aviation sector along with rapid technological advancements are some of the major driving factors affecting the growth of emergency beacon transmitter market.

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