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Early Birds Marketplace Launches A Platform That Enables Early Adopters To Innovate With Startups

Early Birds Marketplace is proud to announce the launch of a new online platform where early adopters can easily connect with young companies and startups. It is a place where people can find the most promising and innovative ideas, products, and services in which they can choose to purchase or collaborate with.


As noted on their website at, Early Birds Marketplace is a Business to Business (B2B) platform specifically designed to help innovators (startups and scaleups), and early adopters to exchange value early on. Innovators are able to list their ideas, products and services, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or solution, as well as configure starting offers up to $25,000 for each sale. Meanwhile, early adopters can also buy innovations and list challenges on the marketplace to request innovators to develop a variety of products and services.


The company’s spokesperson, Jeff Penrose, said, “Early Birds Marketplace is the perfect platform to find the most creative ideas, products, and services from innovators who are looking to introduce them to the general public.” He explains that it is a place to discover a wide range of creative products and services from some of the most promising startups in the world. In addition, Early Adopters can ask for a collaboration, arrange a trial or a proof of concept before they purchase a product or service. Moreover, Early Birds Marketplace allows both parties to negotiate their own terms and conditions of the sale, whilst at the same time being protected by the platform’s standard terms and conditions and payment method. Once the early adopter makes an offer, the innovator will have three days to accept the said offer. Payments will temporarily go through the marketplace’s escrow account, and will only be released to the innovator once the early adopter confirms the sale, within 14 days.


To get started, Penrose states that both innovators and early adopters must register themselves on the platform to access and interact with companies and individuals in the marketplace. Registration is free, but a subscription fee of $40 per month applies after having listed 1 innovation and 10 challenges. If any sales are made during the free period, a subscription is required to process the order, and the platform charges 20% commission on all sales. The fee is inclusive of credit card charges at this stage.


Additionally, Penrose highlights that the process of registering on the marketplace is relatively fast and easy. Once registered, users can then follow a step by step guide on how to post a product listing or a challenge. In addition to a general product or challenge overview, users can also add photos, videos, and links to provide additional information. Most importantly, the company offers a special program where their experienced consulting team works to identify startup challenges and provide relevant solutions to solve these problems.


Early Birds Marketplace helps to introduce the latest ideas, products, and services to early adopters based on their industry, business function, and the outcome they are expecting to achieve. Their mission is to help startups to attract at least three early adopters within the first three weeks of being listed in the marketplace. “We focus on supporting promising innovations that are relevant to making our everyday lives better,” Penrose added. He further states that innovators and early adopters are constantly adding new ideas, products, services and challenges to the Early Birds Marketplace. All of these are searchable in the platform, and users have several options on how to negotiate a purchase of an innovation or find a startup who is willing to find a solution to a business challenge. Furthermore, the platform allows users to report an issue or violation, and asserts the importance of dealing within the Early Birds system for additional security and protection. Both parties can also leave feedback after each completed transaction.



More information can be found on the company’s website. Alternatively, innovators and early adopters can connect with the Early Birds Marketplace through their LinkedIn account at to learn more about how the platform works. Lastly, interested parties may visit their official social media pages to learn more about their latest news and important announcements.


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