How to Disable Chromecast on Chrome?

disable chromecast on chrome


As such, many people look for ways to do away with the Chromecast button, and while the only way possible to do so is by switching to another browser, there is a way wherein you can continue using Chrome. This passage will deal with how to disable Chromecast on Chrome. Before we begin, we should let you know that the procedure, while not exactly hacking, certainly can be a bit too much for people who cannot be bothered to type in anything other than what they want to search. Chromecast is Google’s usually helpful feature of streaming any media content you’re playing on your device to another device that is complemented by a Chromecast device. We say usually because while many may find it useful to not look for any button and just tap to connect it with a device, the majority of users, who use Chrome for other purposes, find it a bit annoying and inconveniently placed, which has caused many users to inadvertently click on it. Also Read: How to Open Exe Files on Chromebook – Best Solutions And while we’re on the subject of disclaimers, this method has worked before, on some of the PC’s that were running Chrome, and some haven’t. So, do take this method with a grain of salt and understand that if this method doesn’t work, there will always be Firefox or Opera, but YouTube will continue to have this pesky button on the control panel on their video player, which is because YouTube is owned by Google. Now, on to how to disable Chromecast in Chrome. 

How to Disable Chromecast on Chrome

Start by launching Chrome on your PC, be it a Windows, Mac or Linux. The method utilises something called flags, which can bring forth some bugs or issues, so be advised. Anyways, start by typing chrome://flags in the address bar, which will load up the Chrome Flags page. In the search bar on the page, type in ‘Load Media Router Component Extension’ and when the next page loads up, search for the drop-down menu for the flag and click on ‘Disable’.  Once you’ve done that, you will need to disable another flag. This time, search for ‘Cast Media Route Provider’ and follow the same route as before. Get to the drop-down menu and click on ‘Disable’ to disable the flag.  Once you’ve disabled both of them, Chrome will automatically prompt you to restart the browser to apply the new changes. Click on yes and the browser will relaunch, and then you can go to any streaming site to see for yourselves whether the Chromecast button has been removed or not. For the first time, the button will appear and disappear a few times, so you can restart the browser again and the Chromecast will have disappeared completely from any other player. However, you have to keep two things in mind: the Chromecast button will still appear on the YouTube player, since it is a proprietary product of Google itself, and that during testing, not all PCs actually had it removed, so you may want to have Plan B for this. 

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