Digital Forensics Company Downstreem Launches Mobile Data Collection Device RemoteStreem

Denver, CO (February 17, 2020) – To better facilitate remote data acquisition, digital forensics firm Downstreem LLC announced today the launch of RemoteStreem, an innovative, portable data preservation, analysis and reporting tool that provides a new way for companies to collect data remotely from mobile devices and other data sources, including cloud storage. As the amount of data companies are required to collect increases and the requirements surrounding data security strengthen, enhanced tools are needed to ensure data can be retrieved and analyzed quickly and efficiently.

From regulatory requirements to daily business operations, a corporation’s need to quickly and securely collect, retrieve and analyze data is expanding. For example, companies responding to pending litigation must comb multiple channels to collect the required information in a defensible manner, regardless of the data’s source. Using non-defensible tools and processes often results in the loss of critical metadata and digital information. Inefficient workflows and platforms lead to incomplete collection results and extended reporting timelines. Furthermore, corporate teams need quick access to important and sensitive data when responding to employee terminations, internal investigations, and other personnel or legal actions.

Once deployed, the RemoteStreem device simplifies data collection from a variety of sources, including mobile devices, cloud and on-site servers, computers, enterprise storage and social media or website content. RemoteStreem supports custodian self-collection, covert/overt data acquisition, triage and post-collection filtering, while on-site. Additionally, it includes the ability for custodians to input their passwords directly into the device at collection time for sensitive data sources, where changing or sharing credentials is not desired.

“RemoteStreem is a compact and powerful multi-source data acquisition device, scalable for any data volume,” said Andreas Mueller, Downstreem’s CEO. “It provides any size company the tools needed to simplify defensible, forensically-sound capture and storage of on-premise or remote data sources. From internal investigations and corporate litigation requirements to protecting against fraud, data deletion or removal, the RemoteStreem device is a must-have for companies in our data-heavy world.”  

Downstreem offers on-premise and remote deployment options for RemoteStreem. On-premise storage of the device enables on-demand, immediate capture of (sensitive) data sources. RemoteStreem can also be deployed within 24 hours worldwide. The device is equipped with 1.2TB (terabyte) onboard storage and expandable via hardware-encrypted external drives to accommodate data volumes of any size.

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